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February 24 2020

3 Tips for Scattering Remains Following Cremation Services

Are you going to be scattering your loved one’s remains following their cremation services? Check out some tips that will help you scatter their remains successfully in the right place.

When your loved one’s cremation services in West Valley City, UT are complete, you’ll be able to decide what you want to do with their remains. You can take them home with you and show them off in a cremation urn. You can also have them either buried in a cemetery or placed inside of a columbarium. But there are more and more families choosing to scatter their loved one’s remains in a special place following their cremation.

Are you thinking about doing this? Before you do, you should make sure that you choose the right location. You obviously won’t be able to collect your loved one’s remains after they’ve been scattered in most cases, so it’s important to think long and hard about where you scatter them. There are also some other things you should keep in mind prior to scattering a loved one’s remains. Take a look at 3 tips for scattering remains following cremation services below.

Make sure your family is all on the same page about the scattering of your loved one’s remains.

Is everyone in your family on board with the idea of scattering your loved one’s remains? If not, you should consider delaying the scattering of the remains for a little while until you’ve all agreed that it’s the right thing to do. You don’t want the scattering of your loved one’s remains to cause a rift within your family. It’s why you should sit down and talk about what to do with your loved one’s remains so that you’re all on the same page about it.

See if you need permission to scatter your loved one’s remains in your preferred location.

You might be under the impression that you’re allowed to scatter a loved one’s remains almost anywhere you want following their West Valley City, UT cremation. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You cannot scatter cremated remains on private property, which means that scattering them inside of a sports stadium or at Disney World are both out of the question. You also may need to obtain permission if you choose to scatter your loved one’s remains out at sea, in a national park, or on top of a mountain. It’s a good idea to check the rules and regulations regarding cremated remains in certain areas.

Consider holding a special ceremony right before your loved one’s remains are scattered.

There are some families who do little more than take their loved one’s remains to a certain place, open up the cremation container holding the remains, and scatter them around. It’s OK if that’s all you want to do. But you should think about holding a special ceremony for your loved done prior to scattering their remains. You can bring a celebrant along to recite a prayer or poem for your loved one right before you scatter their remains.

Are you confused about where you can and can’t scatter cremated remains? Larkin Mortuary can explain it to you when you turn to us to plan out your loved one’s cremation. We’ll help you make West Valley City, UT funeral arrangements for them and talk to you about some of the best places to scatter their remains. Give us a call at (801) 363-5781 or stop by and see us at 260 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to get started.

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