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October 7 2019

4 Popular Types of Headstones That Funeral Homes Can Provide

If you want to make sure you choose the right headstone for a loved one, work with funeral homes that offer the best options. There are four popular types of headstones funeral homes should provide.

Picking out the right headstone for a loved one is one of the many decisions that you’ll have to make when you’re putting together funeral arrangements for them. Fortunately, the best funeral homes in West Valley City, UT can make this part of the process simple. They can offer you several different types of headstones and help you choose the right one before having it customized for your loved one. Here are 4 of the most popular types of headstones that you’ll find through funeral homes.

Grass markers

If you and your family want to choose the simplest type of headstone for your loved one, grass markers, which are also sometimes called flat markers, will do the trick. These markers are designed to sit flush with the ground underneath of them. They’re also designed to make lawn maintenance a breeze for cemeteries. You can find grass markers in a variety of sizes. Most are large enough to fit all of your loved one’s essential information without a problem.

Slant memorials

Slant memorials are more along the lines of what people think of when they think about headstones. They have a straight back on them as well as a flat bottom and a face that’s slanted. The face provides families with lots of space to put their loved one’s name, their birth and death dates, and even an image of a cross or something else. These memorials are among the most beautiful headstone options for families.

Bevel markers

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake bevel markers for grass markers. They look very similar since bevel markers, which are also sometimes referred to as hickey markers, sit flat on the ground. But one of the biggest differences between the two is that bevel markets don’t sit flush against the ground like grass markers do. The markers are slightly elevated from their base. This makes them stand out a little bit more than grass markers do.

Upright monuments

Upright monuments are probably the most popular type of headstone on the market today. When you’re making West Valley City, UT funeral arrangements, you’ll want to at least check out what options you have with regards to upright monuments if you can afford to do it. They come in a number of different shapes and sizes and have a variety of finishes on them. They can be anywhere from 42 inches long all the way up to 60 inches long standard, but you’ll also have the option of customizing them to be a lot bigger or smaller than that based on your budget and your specific needs.

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