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June 10 2019

4 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Own Cremation Services

Do you want to be cremated at the time of your death? Consider pre-planning your cremation services so that your family doesn’t have to worry about making arrangements for you.

Most people don’t love the idea of devoting a bunch of time to thinking about what’s going to happen when they die. But if you recently decided that you want to be cremated rather than buried when you pass away, it’s a good idea to consider pre-planning your own cremation services in West Jordan, UT. There are more and more people doing it these days for a variety of different reasons. Here are 4 reasons why you should strongly consider planning out your cremation services yourself ahead of time.

Allows you to make sure cremation is right for you

Do you have any concerns about choosing a West Jordan, UT cremation over a traditional burial? Even if you’ve spent a ton of time weighing your options, you might still be a little bit worried about some aspect of cremation. By starting the process of pre-planning cremation services, you’ll get direct access to a funeral director who can answer any questions you might have and put your mind at ease. You’ll be able to confidently say that you wish to be cremated once you’ve learned all there is to know about it.

Starts the cremation conversation with your family

If you decide that you do ultimately want to be cremated, you should talk to your family about your decision and let them know why you’ve chosen cremation over a traditional burial. You should also answer any pressing questions they might have about your decision. This can be a difficult topic to talk about at first. But once you start pre-planning your cremation services, it’ll show your family that you’re serious about moving in this direction.

Lifts the burden of planning cremation services off your family’s shoulders

When you die one day, your immediate family members are going to need to mourn your loss and grieve for a long time. You’ll give them the space to start the grieving process when you lift the burden of them having to make funeral arrangements for you. By taking care of everything yourself, you’ll ensure that they don’t have to worry about doing it. You’ll also make sure that your cremation services are everything you want them to be.

Gives you a chance to cover the costs associated with cremation

You don’t usually have to pre-pay when you pre-plan cremation services, but you will often have the option to do it. If you want to avoid having your family foot the bill for your funeral services, you can take care of the cost of them on your own while pre-planning. Your family will really appreciate this one day. It’ll be one less thing they need to think about in the immediate aftermath of your death.

If you’ve been thinking about pre-planning cremation services for yourself, Larkin Mortuary can help you along the way. We can speak with you about why pre-planning your own cremation is such a smart idea and answer any questions you might have about our West Jordan, UT funeral services. Call us at (801) 363-5781 today to discuss it or stop by 260 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to meet with one of our experienced funeral directors.

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