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August 26 2019

4 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Explaining Cremation to Kids

Are you planning on talking to your kids about cremation? It’s not a bad idea to do it, but you should avoid making certain mistakes when you’re speaking with them about cremation services.

Talking to kids about death is something that has always been difficult for many parents. But it has become especially hard to do now that cremation has become so popular in recent years. What are parents supposed to say to their kids when they’re trying to explain how cremation services in West Valley City, UT work? It’s not something that most of them are prepared to do. Take a look at 4 things you should avoid doing if you ever have to sit down with your kids and talk about cremation.

Beating around the bush

Most parents make an effort to protect their children’s feelings when they’re discussing West Valley City, UT cremations with them. But they’ll often end up beating around the bush entirely too much instead of just coming right out and saying what cremation is and explaining how it works. This can create a lot of confusion and make things harder than it has to be on your kids. Be direct and as open and honest as you can be when talking to them about death and cremation.

Getting too in-depth with details

While you do want to be direct with your kids when talking about cremation services, you also don’t want to go overboard with details about how cremation works. Some parents will go out of their way to explain every last detail when it comes to cremation. If your kids are on the younger side, this could scare them, which is why you should scale back just a little and only include the details that are necessary. You should also emphasize that cremation is what your loved one wanted since that could help your kids feel better about it.

Failing to take questions

Your kids are going to have questions about cremation. They could very well have a lot of questions once you’re all done. You should invite them to ask as many questions as they want and answer them to the best of your ability. You should also tell your kids that you would be more than happy to answer additional questions from them if they ever have any more in the future. Keeping the lines of communication open will be crucial as far as talking to kids about death and cremation is concerned.

Underestimating what an impact it could have

There is a pretty good chance that your kids will get emotional when you’re speaking with them about cremation. They could very well start to cry or experience some other emotions. You should expect this and prepare for it ahead of time. If your kids get caught up in their emotions, help them to process those emotions and express them.

If you need help learning more about cremation so that you’re ready to talk to your kids about it, Larkin Mortuary can provide you with valuable information. We can also serve as your West Valley City, UT funeral home if you’re in the process of making funeral arrangements for a loved one. Give us a call at (801) 363-5781 today or come sit down with us at 260 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

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