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November 18 2019

5 Key Things Funeral Homes Should Always Include in Obituaries

Putting together an obituary for someone isn’t anywhere near as easy as it might look. Check out some of the key things that funeral homes need to include when writing them.

It’s not as easy as it might look to put together an obituary for a person. Just imagine how hard it would be to sum up a person’s entire life in just a few paragraphs. But there is an art to it that good funeral homes in West Valley City, UT have mastered. They know exactly what to include in obituaries to make them effective. Check out 5 key things that all obituaries need to have below.

Basic identifying information for a person

All obituaries start off with some very basic information about a person. This information includes their full name, their age, the date of their death, and an explanation as to how they died in some cases. Many families also ask funeral homes to include a photo of their loved one so that it’s easy for their family and friends to identify them when reading their obituary.

A list of a person’s closest family members and friends

After a funeral home spells out who a person is, it’ll be time for them to list all of the person’s closest family members and friends. This will usually include a person’s parents, spouse, siblings, children, and others. There is no way to fit every single person that was related to the deceased. But funeral homes will do their best to get the most important names into an obituary.

A round-up of some of the most important events in a person’s life

Once a funeral home is finished running through a person’s family members and friends, they’ll move on to listing some of the most important events that took place during their life. This includes everything from going to college and landing their first job to having kids and retiring from work. The goal will be to give those who read the obituary a nice overview of what a person accomplished throughout their life.

Info on a person’s funeral services

In the days that follow a person’s death, those who knew them often hound their families for details about their West Valley City, UT funeral services. An obituary is the perfect place to put all those details. A funeral home will lay out what services will be held, when they’ll take place, and whether or not they’ll be for family only or for anyone who wants to attend.

A note about sending flowers and other gifts to funeral homes

Many people like to send flowers and other sympathy gifts to funeral homes to show their love and support for a grieving family and their deceased family member. If your family is OK with this, a funeral home will simply provide their address at the bottom of an obituary. Or, if you would prefer people made donations in your loved one’s name as opposed to sending gifts, you can note that, too. It’s the best way to wrap up an obituary.

If you would like to take a crack at writing your loved one’s obituary, Larkin Mortuary encourages you to give it a try. But if you would prefer us to handle it, we can do that for you while making West Valley City, UT funeral arrangements for your loved one. Touch base with us at (801) 363-5781 today to start making plans or come make them in person at 260 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

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