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August 19 2019

5 Staff Members You’ll Always Find at the Best Funeral Homes

When you visit funeral homes, you’ll come into contact with people who do all kinds of different things. From funeral directors to preplanning specialists, here is who you might work with.

Walking into one of the funeral homes in West Valley City, UT for the first time can be a little bit overwhelming for some people. Outside of the fact that people are often dealing with a lot of grief over the loss of a loved one, they’re also greeted by all kinds of people when they enter a funeral home. It’s good to know who you’ll be working with before you make your way down to a funeral home. Here are 5 staff members that you’ll always find at the best funeral homes.


When you walk into a funeral home, a receptionist is usually one of the first people that you’ll come into contact with. They are, of course, in charge of answering phone calls and greeting guests at the front door. But many of them also play other important roles for funeral homes. For example, they will sometimes be in charge of coordinating death certificates and helping families make financial arrangements during West Valley City, UT funeral planning.

Funeral directors

Funeral directors are the people who spend the most time working with families at funeral homes. They’re highly skilled when it comes to mapping out funeral plans from start to finish. It’s essential for you to have a good rapport with the funeral director that you’re going to be working with at a funeral home. You’ll usually spend several days making funeral arrangements for a loved one and asking any questions you might have.

Funeral attendants

Funeral attendants work closely with funeral directors at funeral homes. They don’t play that big of a part in funeral planning, but they do help execute many of the plans that are put into place. For instance, funeral attendants will greet guests as they arrive at funeral services for your loved one. They’ll also make sure everything is set up right for funeral services and handle any last-minute changes on the fly.

Preplanning counselors

There are many times when a person will choose to preplan funeral or cremation services themselves. In these instances, a person will typically be partnered up with a preplanning counselor who specializes in helping people to make funeral arrangements in advance. There are some unique challenges that come with preplanning a funeral ahead of time as opposed to planning for it in real time. Preplanning counselors can help you face them head-on and make sure your funeral is everything you want it to be.

General managers

General managers are at the top of the food chain in funeral homes. They oversee all of the other employees and ensure they’re doing a great job. If you ever have any issues with a receptionist, a funeral director, or another staff member at a funeral home, you’ll want to talk to a general manager about it. Great general managers also go out of their way to introduce themselves to families from the moment they arrive at a funeral home to make them feel welcomed.

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