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May 13 2019

Have Cremation Services Become More Popular Than Burials?

Most people used to choose to be buried at the time of their death. But these days, cremation services are more popular than ever with more than 50 percent of people asking to be cremated.

Back in the early 2000s, only about 25 percent of Americans chose to be cremated at the time of their death. Cremation was still a foreign concept to many people, so most of them asked to be buried following a traditional funeral at that time. But that has all changed over the last 20 years. Today, more than 50 percent of people are requesting to be cremated rather than buried. It’s why it shouldn’t come as a shock to you if a family member tells you they would like cremation services in Salt Lake City, UT over burial services.

Cremation has become popular in such a short period of time for a number of different reasons. Here are 4 reasons why so many people seem to be choosing cremations over burials at the moment.

People know more about cremation than they used to.

There are a lot of people who used to be scared off by cremation because they didn’t know a lot about it. There were a lot of myths surrounding cremation services. But today, people are well educated on what cremation is and what it offers as far as benefits are concerned. There are also more funeral homes offering cremation today, which allows people to get as much information as they want about it.

They appreciate the options that come along with cremation.

When a person chooses to be buried, their body is placed into a casket at the time of their death before the casket is placed into the ground. There isn’t much wiggle room when it comes to a burial. But Salt Lake City, UT cremations offers families the opportunity to do almost whatever they want with a loved one’s cremated remains. They can keep them at home in an urn, bury them in a cremation vault, or scatter them in a place that’s special to them. These options have become very appealing to many people.

They also appreciate the simplicity of cremation.

Planning out a funeral service can be a long and arduous task for a family that’s stuck in a state of grief. It can really take a toll on them when they’re forced to sit in a room and make a bunch of decisions. A funeral director at a funeral home can definitely help with this process. But many people are choosing to make life simpler on their families by going with a cremation over a burial. There are fewer decisions that need to be made when planning cremation services, and cremation as a whole offers families more flexibility than they would have otherwise.

They like the fact that they won’t have to be buried for eternity.

Being buried in the ground for the rest of eternity is something that simply doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some people prefer the idea of having their remains stored in an urn or scattered in a place that held some meaning to them. Cremation gives them a peace of mind that they wouldn’t get if they knew they were going to be buried one day.

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