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November 11 2019

How to Choose the Right Urn for a Loved One’s Cremation Services

Are you trying to track down the right urn to use as part of your loved one’s cremation services? Look for one that fits their personality while fitting into your budget at the same time.

Years ago, families didn’t have to make much of a decision when selecting an urn for their loved one’s cremation services in Salt Lake City, UT. There weren’t a whole lot of options out there for them to choose from, which made it simple to pick the urn that they were going to use to hold their loved one’s cremated remains. But today, there are so many different options when it comes to urns. It can make it difficult for families to narrow down their search and find the best one. Here are some tips that will help your family choose an urn for your loved one.

Crunch the numbers and come up with a budget for an urn.

When you’re buying a Salt Lake City, UT cremation urn, you’re going to find that they come in a wide range of different prices. You can buy an urn for anywhere from under $100 to over $2,000 (or more!). Your goal should be to crunch the numbers and figure out how much your family can afford to spend on an urn. You should take into account how much you’re spending on cremation services as a whole to determine what you can devote towards an urn.

Look at the different urn styles available to you.

When you close your eyes and picture an urn in your head, you likely think of the traditional cremation urn. It’s a metal urn with a basic design and a lid that sits on top of it. You can still find these urns at most funeral homes, but you can also find a lot of other styles, too. From urns that look like books to urns that look like wooden jewelry boxes, there are so many options for you to consider. Take stock of all your options before you start narrowing them down.

Think about what your loved one would have wanted.

Was your loved one someone who was quiet and unassuming throughout the course of their life? You probably don’t want to get them an urn that’s too over the top. You should think about what kind of urn they would have wanted to go with. You should do the same thing if your loved one enjoyed being the center of attention at all times. In that case, something a little bit more outlandish might be a better fit for them. Try to match your loved one’s personality up with an urn that fits them.

Consider customizing the urn to make it extra special.

Most funeral homes will give you the option to customize a cremation urn if you want. You can add your loved one’s name to it as well as an image or a quote. You can even put things like sports team logos and family crests on urns. Consider finding an appropriate way to customize your loved one’s urn so that there’s no mistaking who it belongs to.

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