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March 16 2020

How to Write the Perfect Eulogy for Your Loved One’s Funeral

Are you in charge of writing the eulogy for a loved one’s funeral? Check out how people can put together the perfect eulogies before delivering them at funeral homes.

Have you been asked to write a eulogy for a loved one and deliver it during their funeral services? If so, you might be stressing out over it. Every year, millions of people put together eulogies and deliver them at funeral homes in Salt Lake City, UT and throughout the rest of the country. But that doesn’t make it any easier for people to sit down and write them before delivering them to an audience. The key to creating the perfect eulogy is following the right steps while you’re bringing it to life. Here are the steps you should take when you’re in the process of writing a eulogy.

Begin by jotting down all the things you know you want to include in the eulogy.

One of the first challenges you’re going to face when writing a eulogy is trying to figure out a way to cram all the different elements of a person’s life into just a few minutes. It’s definitely a tall task! It’s also not possible to include every single thing a person ever did in their eulogy, so don’t even try. Instead, spend an hour or so jotting down the different moments from a person’s life that stand out and then pick out the ones that you know you want to include in the eulogy. It’ll make writing the eulogy so much more manageable when you take this approach.

Focus on grabbing people’s attention right from the start of the eulogy.

Once you have a list of things that you know you want to include in a person’s eulogy, select one that stands out above all the rest to you and use it to create an intro for the eulogy. You want to go with something that immediately catches people’s attention when you deliver the eulogy. It should also be something that says a lot about what kind of person someone was. You’ll get a great reaction from the audience when you start a eulogy off strong. Many people opt to go with a lighthearted intro to a eulogy to lighten the mood just a little and to give people the permission to laugh during a eulogy as opposed to crying their way through it.

Work to create a good mix of funny and sad moments in the eulogy.

As we just mentioned, you shouldn’t be afraid to work some humor into the eulogy that you’re writing. Salt Lake City, UT funeral services are obviously sad occasions, but that doesn’t mean you need to make them sadder by making your entire eulogy sad. You should try to mix together a bunch of funny and sad moments into your eulogy so that people are able to both laugh and shed a few tears by the time your eulogy is over.

Try your best not to make the eulogy that you’re writing too long.

The biggest mistake you can make when you’re writing a eulogy is making it too long. You want to pay the proper tribute to your loved one, but you don’t want to drag your eulogy for them out for so long that people start to lose interest in what you’re saying. Ideally, your eulogy should go for somewhere between five and ten minutes. Make sure you practice it a lot ahead of time so that you can see how long it will actually take for you to work your way through the eulogy.

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