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By registering for Scatter Day™, you will receive complimentary interment for your loved one's ashes in our newly built ossuary at either our Larkin Sunset Gardens or Larkin Sunset Lawn cremation garden. Included is the engravement of your loved one's name on the collective upright granite memorial at the ossuary.

Please note that the placement of the cremated remains into the ossuary will not occur on the day of the event. On the day of the event, our professional staff will take into our possession the cremated remains of your loved one. We will inform you when the cremated remains will be respectfully placed into the ossuary at your selected Larkin cemetery.

If you have any questions or difficulty registering, please email
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Please note that we can accomodate 4 cremated remains per hour.

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Where would you like the final resting place to be for your loved one's cremated remains? (Does not need to be the same location as the event you are attending)

ScatterDay™ by Larkin Mortuary, is an opportunity to get your loved ones out of the basement or box and into a beautiful and final resting place by placing their ashes at no cost to you. Larkin Mortuary invites you to ScatterDay, on one of the following days:

June 8th, 2024 from 11-2 at Larkin Sunset Gardens, Sandy, Utah

June 15th, 2024 from 11-2 at Larkin Sunset Lawn, Salt Lake City, Utah

We look forward to helping provide your loved one with a permanent resting place in our beautiful gardens. Pre-registration is required (see form below).