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  • Although Frog would NEVER remember me, I remember Frog. He was best friends with my sister Terry and her boyfriend, then husband Gary Schafer, as well as played in a band with my brother Daniel Gard aka Divya DeGard, who now resides in Colorado. Actually, I never realized growing up he had a regular name, as I only heard him referred to as “Frog”. I was 9 and 10 years younger than my Brother and Sister so my presence at their gatherings was NOT always looked at as a blessing and therefore I was not treated with warm fuzzy acceptance. I was usually told “Go tell your mother she wants you.” However, Frog was always nice to me and I do mean always. I remember one time when we had a going away party at our house for Terry and Gary, Frog let me play volley ball with them and he also played a game of tether ball with me. He let me win. I know this because he was a tall adult and I was like 3 feet tall at the time. The point is, is that I remember him as a good person and I know he will be missed.

    — Toni Gard
  • Thanks to Frog for teaching me the fine art of stage building and the many aspects of the art. I will miss our conversations.
    Farewell Frog. Until we meet again.

    — Dee Jensen
  • I was on Stage Crew with Frog at Cyprus High School . He was a good worker and very enjoyable to be around. I wish his family the best.

    — Gordon Linder
  • Frog,

    It’s been the blessing of a lifetime being your niece! Not even Hollywood could properly capture the epic experiences that made up your life and….well…you really. I love every story you’ve told and piece of wisdom you’ve shared with all of us. None of us were ready to say goodbye to you Frog; you will be sorely missed. Thank you for your tireless efforts to the arts community and for bringing into our family one of the most kick *** aunts on the planet!

    — Robyn Justesen-Kunz
  • Gary was a friend from back in the good old Kearns days. Saddened by his passing. May God bless him.

    — Bruce Miller
  • I first met Frog in the late 70’s. He was recommended to me as “A good stage -lighting guy”. Boy, was that an understatement! Over the next 40 years I turned to Frog when we needed help. I don’t know how many gigs we did, but he always had the answers. Especially to the really challenging rigging & lighting setups. As Oasis grew, I watched with amazement the amount of work Gary, Lopes, and all the crew cranked out. Frog never changed. He always remembered everyones name. He was your freind every time. He was one of the most knowledgable, friendly, hardworking guys I had the privilege to know. He was a cornerstone in the business. Not only in Utah, but Nation Wide.
    Frog, Thank you for enhancing my life. Making things better, more interesting, more fun. I love you Brother! I will see you on the next show.

    — Michael Cook
  • My condolences to Frog’s family. I am one of the many dancers from New York City Ballet that loved Frog. He was the sweetest, kindest man, and it was a gift to have him there backstage with us. His friendship, kindness and sweet smile lives on with all of us lucky enough to know this wonderful man.

    — Susie Londoner
  • On behalf of myself and all of my coworkers at NYCB I would like to send my wishes of sympathy and for comfort to all of Frog’s family and friends. He was a big part of our family and we all loved him dearly. Many hugs to all who love him❤️

    — Elyse borne
  • Frog was a great friend and mentor and I’m truly going to miss having him around; I’d like to share my condolences to his family and friends.

    — Tyler Robinson
  • Dear Frog — Just got the news of your passing. It always made the shows at Human Ensemble better if Frog was on board and liked the play and what we did with it.

    All the Best,

    Steven C. Ballinger

    — Steven C. Ballinger
  • Frog, was a friend and artistic associate of Repertory Dance Theatre and was RDT’s Stage Manager and Technical Director from 1971 to 1976.

    He pioneered how to take modern dance into communities large and small and helped RDT present concerts in fully equipped theaters as well as gymnasiums spaces and alternative venues in places where audiences had never seen “live” modern dance. Frog could transform an empty space into a theater while making everyone smile as well as grateful.

    His creativity and theatrical skills were appreciated by countless arts organizations.

    RDT and thousands of artists, entertainers, students, audience members and rock and roll musicians will miss this “one of a kind” individual.

    RDT thanks Frog for the magic he created and the love he gave us.
    Repertory Dance Theatre

    — Linda C. Smith
  • Hello Becky. I am very sorry to heard about you’re losing Frog, a good man and probably one of your best friends. Hope all is well otherwise and send my best to you and Paul.

    — Will Hadley
  • Becky sorry for the loss of Gary (Frog) he was a lovely man and we are delighted we got to meet him on his visit to Leenavesta .May he rest in peace and god watch over you all
    Lots of Love
    The Berry Family xx

    — Berry Family
  • No finer stagehand has ever been on This planet, R.I.P. frog.

    — Justin Moran
  • Our company has been working with Frog at Oasis for decades, teaming up on shows for sound, stage and lights. Many of us have known Frog for most of our careers and have built great friendships. On behalf of the company staff we will miss Frog and his friendship. We had many great and successful shows together. He was always willing to tackle a large project as a team even if it wasn’t easy. Frogs knowledge and experience in the show business was what made him so great to work with. He will leave a void that is irreplaceable. We send out our condolences to Becky, the company staff, and to his family. We will never forget the friendship and commemoratory we had with Frog and we will cherish the many memories and things we learned from him. Thanks for all the many great years Frog!
    Poll Sound Staff

    — Bryce Stettler
  • Gary ( Frog) Justesen, was a good friend of my early years. I have many good memories of those days with Frog, Rex Mantle, Gary Schafer and Ron Green, in those high school days. Rest in Peace Frog.

    — Charles L Butterfield
  • Shit Frog love ya dude wish I would have known early but our only contact had already pasted. RIP my friend you made such a difference in so many lives! Goodnight Goodnight my friend Goodnight!

    — JohnTalbot " Bogart"
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