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Recent Condolences

  • I am deeply saddened by news of President Schwendiman’s passing. Although I understand the title “President” is not a permanent one in the Church, that is how I knew him, and that is how I will always remember him. I met him in March of 1974 as a new missionary in what was then the Germany North Mission, where he was my Mission President. To this day, on a regular basis, I recall things he taught me about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a Bishop, as a Counselor in a Stake Presidency, and in nearly every calling I’ve had the privilege to serve during my lifetime in the Church, I have shared Gospel truths I first learned from him. I had the rare privilege to serve as one of his Assistants for the last nine months of my mission, seeing him nearly every day. His example taught me even more. In fact, I became a lawyer because he was a lawyer–even though I knew nothing about what that meant. I was also privileged to spend several days with him and his dear wife (and three of their sons) during the last few weeks of their service as President and Matron of the Swiss Temple, and to attend the temple with him there, just as I had in Provo after his service as a Mission President ended. In so many ways, he was like a father to me. My own father passed-away in 1987, while I was still a young father myself. As a result, I often took advantage of his willingness to give advice I could no longer get from my own father. His life of service to the Lord and his family is exemplary. Indeed, I know very few men who have lived the Savior’s admonition to “lose ourselves” in His service as President Schwendiman did. If I had to describe him with a single word, that word would be “consecrated.” He truly lived that sacred covenant. I will be forever grateful for the privilege to know him, to learn from him, and to serve with him when I was still a young man. Of all the many blessings I’ve received in life, my association with him was one of the greatest. I would love to be in attendance this Friday for his funeral, but other obligations will prevent that from happening. Nonetheless, please accept my sincerest condolences to his entire family and posterity. I know you will all miss him for a short time, but I also know we will see him and enjoy his companionship once again. Our real challenge now is to live our lives so as to be worthy of that opportunity. With great love, Paul J. Mooney

    — Paul J Mooney
  • To the family of President and Sister Schwendiman – I was a missionary in the Germany North Mission from 1972 – 1974 and I loved your parents. I never forgot their influence on my life. I visited them on September 15, 2017 in the apartment in SLC. It was so fun to review the memories of the mission. Even at their age, I loved their enthusiasm for life.
    May the Lord give you peace in this special time of celebrating the life of your father.
    My wife, Geri, and I are currently serving a full-time mission in Frankfurt, Germany – my second mission in Germany. My granddaughter will enter the MTC in Provo on Wednesday, Oct 23 to serve in the same mission as all of us – the Germany Berlin mission.

    — Scott Conlin
  • I am so sorry to see the separation of your father from his children, but know that he is rejoicing as he is once again with Marva. Although separation is difficult, a new stage in life is a true celebration of progress through the Plan of Happiness. May the Lord bless you and your family and give you strength as you remember the good, the special, the uplifting teachings of a great man in your life. He did so much good for you and for others.

    — Steve & Afton Baxter
  • I have very fond memories of President Schwendiman. He was a wonderful misson president. My condolences to you all.

    — Grant Mines
  • I am terribly sorry for the loss of your father. After reading the obituary, I can see how you (Henry) became such an extraordinary man. Your dad had many wonderful accomplishments, including serving others. This is something that he must have taught you as you also support your community. May you find peace in the coming days.

    — Launa Turnbow
  • I was saddened to hear of President Schwendiman‘s passing, but grateful that my wife and I were able to visit with him a few days after General conference in April. He was a wonderful man and great example of discipleship. While serving in the mission office in Germany so many years ago, I had many occasions to see his wit, wisdom and commitment to the Savior. I feel truly blessed to have been and continue to be one of his missionaries. May the Lord bless and comfort you Lynn, Henry, Ronald, Mark and your families. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    — Paul Neumann
  • I want you to know how much I loved my mission president,
    President Schwendiman. He changed my life in 1974 and it has made all the difference. He was such a wonderful and man and an example of Christlike service. I have thought of him often throughout my lifetime. Though I never saw him after my mission, I followed him and his continuing service to our Savior and Heavenly Father. I know he was welcomed with open arms by them and his eternal companion on the other side.
    Brother Brian Pendleton

    — Brian Pendleton
  • Ron and Peggy and Family,
    My thoughts are with at this tender time. May peace and love be with. Geniel

    — Geniel Howe
  • Dear Schwendiman Family,
    Both Sherry and I wish to express our sincere condolences for the loss President Schwendiman, he was a great man and we are grateful for his service in the Church and in the community. He will be greatly missed.
    Dane & Sherry Watkins

    — Dane H. Watkins
  • Sorry to read of Garys’ death. I didn’t know about it until just now. I would have come to the funeral if I had known. He was a great man. I know he and Marva are happily together now with all of our deceased family members. Although I know you’ll miss him, there is a great reunion going on.

    — Gary Horton
  • I and my wife (Heidi Hofmann) both served under President Schwendiman. He also was one of the witnesses for our sealing in 1977. Both he and Sister Schwendiman were great examples to me as a missionary. He was there for me during some hard times when I found out, while serving in Berlin, that my parents were getting divorced. We have ever been the beneficiaries of the service both he and Sister Schwendiman gave to hundreds of missionaries. May you feel the Spirit of Comfort during this time in your family.

    — David G.Daniels
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