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Recent Condolences

  • Nice picture of your mom. Sad that our parents are gone but they had wonderful lives and left a great legacy they can be proud of. The special memories of your mom will be a comfort and a treasure to you.

    — Camille Ware Hicks
  • We are blessed in life to be surrounded by our faith, our family, and our friends. Faith was the foundation of Kay’s life where her efforts always helped us lost sheep. Her family was the core of her love and she shared all that she had. And her friends, which were many, enjoyed her humor, her kindness, her wonderful laugh, and many quilting parties.

    She lived life in a simple manner concerned with loving and serving others. Her actions spoke louder than words. The world is a better place for her time teaching us all how we should continue to live our lives in the service of others. You’ll be missed Mom but never forgotten because there are too many great memories from camping to water fights to forget.

    — Darryl Collins
  • The memories of love and friendship are something I will always remember about Kay. When I was a young wife and mother, just moving into the neighborhood, Kay befriended me. We had great talks, laughs. Kay was always kind and and willing to help when needed. I have thought of her often and will always have those sweet memories of her.
    Her passing saddens many of us.
    May angels walk with you today and happy memories carry you though this sad time.
    Lisa Allen

    — Lisa Allen
  • Kay was my Relif Society Ptesident in Midvale when I was a struggling single mother of 4. She brought me roses and lilacs from her garden and always encouraged me and always gave me her positive outlook on life. Gave me common sense advice. Cheered me up.I loved and appreciated her so much and so grateful for her influence! May God bless all of your family!

    — Launa Denning
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