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  • To the family and loved ones of Jane,
    I had to catch my breath for a moment when I heard the news of Jayne’s passing and of course tears followed. They were tears of sadness at first but after a moment they were tears of joy that Jayne was now relieved from this mortal captivity she has been feeling for some time. She shared few words towards the end, but her face and eyes spoke many. She wanted to be reunited with Dick so badly.
    I began working with Visiting Angels almost three years ago. Dick and Jayne were one of the first ones that I began caring for. I’ll never forget how they both made me feel so welcome, as though I was part of the family who belonged at the dinner table with them. We held many conversations over the next couple of years until my health required me to cut back and do other things, but I always asked how they were doing and missed them so much. Occasionally I filled in and still got to care for them which I looked forward to so much! I enjoyed listening to their stories of the family and what was happening, but was also so impressed at how humble they were and caring they were about me. I became very attached to them both, (but felt a very close connection with Jayne right away). Last month when I spent a little time with her, as I quietly walked into her room not knowing if she’d remember me, I almost broke down in tears when I realized that she did. I’ll cherish the time I got to spend with Jayne always, but particularly last month when just she and I sat in her room watching some tv together, holding her hand.
    Thank you for allowing us to care for your parents, for Jayne.
    I didn’t know her as you do, but I can surely see so many of the amazing qualities and characteristics which many have so perfectly described. My heart goes out to all of you for your great loss, for it is a Great loss!
    Dick and Jayne will Always hold a very special place in my heart.
    Nora Salzman,
    Senior Care Specialist with Visiting Angels

    — Nora Salzman
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