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Recent Condolences

  • What a wonderful man and father. Surely he will be missed but what a great family and legacy he leaves behind.
    We love you,
    James and Anna Lee

    — James Hunter
  • I’m grateful for Ralph’s life, which inspires me to be better, to try harder, and to put others before myself. I am grateful to know some of his posterity, who live each day in a way to make him proud.

    — Bruce Butcher
  • A joyous reunion going on the other side of the veil.
    To the children and all the descendants; May you find peace and comfort in knowing that we love your father and his sweetheart Marge. May your association as siblings and spouses increase with love and tenderness towards one another as you work together in unity.
    A deep love and respect goes out to each of you as you prepare for this great event in your father’s passing.

    — Karma and Craig
  • Ralph will be missed. I loved having him as a neighbor.

    — Lauren Evans
  • We are so sorry to hear of Uncle Ralph’s passing. He was and still is such a wonderful man. We love him deeply. We hope to be able to come to the funeral. We send our love to all of the family and our deepest sympathy. How grateful we are to know that life continues into the eternities and that Aunt Marge and He will be together happily reunited with their family beyond the veil of life once again.

    Ralph and Jaynie Holley

    — Jaynie Gaither Holley
  • Uncle Ralph was always pleasant to be around. When I was in the 2nd grade our family moved to Murray, Utah for about 6 months before returning back to Rigby , Idaho. While living in Murray Uncle Ralph and Aunt Margie invited us over for breakfast one Saturday morning. They lived somewhere near the railroad at the time. He cooked up the pancakes. He guessed how much batter to fix and plowed forward cheerfully cooking up pancakes. Our mom and Aunt Margie frowned telling him he needed a lot more batter. No. This will be plenty he said. So he went on with what he had.
    But, they they were right. He cooked just a little more than he would for his smaller family of I think of 4 children at the time. Mom and dad, Allen and Lula Sellers, had 5, most older who ate like pigs even though we didn’t think so. We went very hungry that morning.
    Things looked pretty dismal from the view point of a second grader until mom and Aunt Margie stepped in and saved the day cooking a whole lot more pancakes.

    — Richard Sellers
  • In 2008, when the University of Utah Golf Course was closing, I wrote a story that quoted Ralph as saying the loss of the facility was “going to shorten our lives.” He was 92 then. So while we all miss that course, I’m pleased that he overcame that defeat to reach 103 and, as was noted, play golf (somewhere else) until he was 99. My best to Ralph’s family. Kurt Kragthorpe, Salt Lake Tribune.

  • We are so sorry for your loss of a great Father.
    We are/were honored being able to call him Uncle Ralph.
    His genuine smile that you could feel his love for you.
    Uncle Ralph and Aunt Marge came to our wedding. We remember him telling us, remember this day. It is a very special day. For we also got married May 26th. After 41 years, we haven’t forgotten what he said.
    Our Mother, would tell us stories that their Dad was so happy to finally get a boy. Joy Boy. I guess nicknames was important to Uncle Ralph, as he nick named his beautiful daughters Honey and Candy.
    We love and are grateful to have such great families!
    Carl and Debby Sellers

    — Carl and Debby Sellers
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