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Robert Ellis Vrooman

07/15/1948 - 09/04/2019

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Robert Ellis Vrooman, 71, passed away unexpectedly on September 4, 2019 from what appears to be a pulmonary embolism as a result of a knee surgery which occurred a few weeks before. Rob’s knee injury happened while doing what he loved most – playing pickleball in Florida.

Rob was a man of passions. In his young adulthood his love for skiing took him from his home state of New York to Utah so he could pursue bigger mountains and better powder. He would give tips and tricks to anyone who would listen, even inventing tools and creating videos to improve skiing. Rob was always finding people who would play in a band with him and spent many hours practicing and correcting the songs that he’d play by ear. Later in life his love for Pickleball took him to Florida so he could leave behind the snow he no longer loved. Again he would introduce this sport to anyone and everyone he could and give advice to all who would listen.

One of Rob’s biggest accomplishments was building the Sandy, Utah home where his four children were raised. He wasn’t afraid to do things in unconventional ways so this unique house is covered with greenhouses which collect the heat of the sun. Rob was using solar power long before people were concerned about energy and climate change.

Anyone who knew Rob will remember his wit. He had a knack for puns and could get almost any stranger to smile at one of his remarks, if his clever words didn’t leave them stumped!

Rob was preceded in death by his parents Rose Hortense Vrooman (1908-2006) and Morrell Vrooman Jr. (1912-1988) and two grandsons Luke Fitzgerald (2011) and Dylan Vrooman (2014-2015). Rob is survived by his wife, Tetyana Semenonva and step-daughter Yuna and children from his first marriage to Lois Wood Banks, Mike (Vicky), Scott, Kevin (Magen), and Shelley (Trevor) Fitzgerald. Rob leaves behind 6 grandchildren, Emily, Holly, Jeremy, Clara, Lucy, and Max.

Graveside services will be held in his honor at 2:30 pm on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South) Sandy, Utah.

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  • The only time Rob wasn’t making me laugh was when I was Ooohhing and aaahing over where his passions had just taken him. From laser discs to electronic drum sets, tree houses to ultralight aircraft; Rob knew how to live and how to share life.

    — David
  • I was 17 when I met Rob and he taught me how to ski. We had to hike because it was before ski season! He always had something new he was into and I was privileged to know his children as they grew up. They are family. I hope he has peace and joy in the next life.

    — Sharon Powell
  • Rob was a wonderful Pickalball player. He had patience To teach Debbie and myself the fine points of the game.

    I knew him also as an excellent musician . enjoyed backing up his keyboard on my bass guitar.

    We will miss him.

    — Tom Timreck

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