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Recent Condolences

  • No words can really express how I feel about Sharon.
    She is a “Salt of the Earth”, type of person.
    She is a Great Wife; Mother, Daughter; Sister-In-Law; and Friend.
    She went out of her way to make me feel welcome in the Bradley Family those first years of marriage.
    One great memory is when Mark and I were coming back to Salt Lake City after getting engaged in New Jersey. As the bus drove up we saw Sharon and her children with a big sign. The sign said “congratulations” on it. She’ll never know how much that meant to me in those days❤️. I really looked up to Mothering Skills. I was blown away with her children the first time I met them. I remember thinking “I had never seen children that good, happy, fun, loving and talented. I left saying, “I want to be like her when I become a mom”. She has so much talent in her little finger. She is the one who taught me to use “Pam Spray” she gave it with my pumpkin bread trays that I still have and use to this day.
    I love her so much and I will miss her pressence in my life, NEVER will I loose her INFLUENCE!
    I love you Sharon.
    Thank you for loving me as me and accepting me❤️
    Love Always,
    Tammy Bradley

    — Tammy Bradley
  • I was so sad to hear of Sharon’s passing. She was one of the kindest and most giving people I have ever met and my life was so blessed by knowing her. I will miss her so much but am grateful For the knowledge I have that I will see her again.

    — Susan Phillips
  • Dear Sharons family

    I loved this beautiful lady. I liked to call her my friend. She is so kind and talented. I knew of her love for th e Savior and her family and every body around her.

    I will miss her
    Love to her family, how wonderful to have her as your Wife, Mother and Grandma

    — Doris Anderson
  • Dear Bruce and family: Brent and I learned with sadness of Sharon’s passing. She was such a kind and thoughtful friend and we remember with fondness the friendship she extended to our children, especially Adam. We pray that you will be comforted and consoled by your wonderful memories of her. Sincerely, Jann and Brent Bradford

    — Jann Bradford
  • Sharon was a beautiful woman. Inside and out. I Often would play with her daughter Katie and I remember Sharon in her green pants, always being so loving. Her home was full of happiness as the sounds of classical music played. I to this day, often play classical music in my home and she comes to mind, as I try and create the peace that was in her home. She will be greatly missed.

    — Mimi
  • Dear Sharons family

    I so want to send our deepest condolences.
    I love this beautiful lady . She was so Talented, Sweet, Caring and apprecitive of every thing.

    Please know of our caring and sadness for you all.
    So thankful for the Gospel to know we will see each other again.
    Love you all
    Doris/ David & family

    — Doris K Anderson
  • Love to your whole family at this time. I remember Sharon making me grilled cheese and tomoato soup as a 5 year old. It was the best meal I had ever had. I can still remember the flavors and textures. It was basic but full of love that remains 36 years later❤️

    — Erica (Knight) Tingey
  • Dear Bruce and family, I was so sorry to hear of
    Sharon’s passing. I know you will miss this dear sweet lady.
    I know how hard it is to say goodbye your spouse.
    Believe it or not, time does help. We can all be grateful for the Gospel plan. We know we will meet again. May you all be comforted. Jean Bird

    — Jean M Bird
  • My Dearest Katie,

    Michael and I loved your Mom. She had such a kind, gentle, loving spirit and she always treated us with love. One thing I specifically remember is that she “got” me (Tonda) in ways that many folks cannot. She had a definite “knowing” nature and we could talk about many things. One funny little thing that I remember – your Dad had bought a very old gun and when she found out we were in town she sent him over to your house with it to see if I could “intuit” anything about the gun. She thought maybe it had been used in the civil war or something. We laugh about that from time to time.

    And, lastly I can see who Essie definitely looks like! Such a pretty lady. She will be missed.

    Mike & Tonda King Barrett

    — Michael & Tonda K. Barrett
  • I have fond memories of Sharon in the Dilworth computer lab. She helped keep me clear of dysentery, a broken leg and other ailments playing Oregon Trail.

    When I worked at the bank Sharon would often come in and always took an additional moment or two out of her time to check up on me. She always had a hug ready and a smile on her face.

    Our families prayer are with you and yours during this difficult time.

    Scott Buchanan Family

    — Scott Buchanan
  • Hey Sharon! So sad to hear of your passing. I know it is hard on your family to lose you so quickly. At least your suffering wasn’t long although I know you had a lot of health challenges. I think you have known me almost my whole life. I remember having you as a primary teacher. I know your love for children and nature. It was fun walking by your house with my dog the past 8 years and seeing you out in the garden. I hope you are running around with all of the bunnies and doggies. You will be missed here.

    — Laurie Bird
  • Oh cancer is just so crappy, I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t remember too many of my high school friends’ mothers, but I remember yours so well. She and your dad were some of the nicest people I’ve met, calm and so loving and had the famous Bradley dry sense of humor, which I still love to this day! Love you guys! Erin

    — Erin (nelson) Jensen
  • Dear Bradley family,
    So shocked and saddened when I heard of Sharon’s passing. She was a wonderful lady, coworker and friend. My prayers and thoughts are with you all at this time. Love, Mary Anne Hyde

    — Sharon Bradley
  • Dear friends—Bruce, Diane, Katie, & David,

    My heart was broken when I heard of Sharon’s passing. Your family has always been dear to me for many reasons. Hollie and Diane had many adventures together that I heard about one way or another:), and I could always tell how much your mom cared about Hollie, including her in many activities and projects. I will always remember your family presenting us with a festive carved jack-o-lantern for probably several Halloweens, along with a funny card. This tradition continued until I moved to Oregon, and I think of those memories often with a smile on my face. Diane and Katie were my special “proteges” on the piano—such diligent, hard workers, with much talent. It gave me such joy to watch you excel, and your mom was always so supportive and interested, along with your dad. Life sends plenty of curves our way, but memories and true friendships will last forever. There are sweet things to come.
    With love and special thoughts to you all, Shauna

    — Shauna Kleine Jones
  • Dear, Bruce, Diane, David and Katie, I am So saddened by the loss of your wife, mother and all who knew Sharon. Her thoughtful, gentle and kind nature benefited all who knew her. I really enjoyed working with Sharon in Relief Society; I marveled at, and envied her gorgeous hair and tried to emulate her patient manner. For Halloween, Sharon’s children came in classic, well thought-out costumes. When Mimi’s cat died, Katie showed up in black veil for the funeral. So many sweet gestures were products of Sharon’s mothering influence. A great lady and friend, never to be forgotten. You’re in our hearts and prayers, Ann Harwood Nelson

    — Ann Harwood Nelson
  • Bruce,

    You guys have been such good neighbors to us, and we are so saddened by your loss. We are thinking of you in these difficult times. Wishing you peace and comfort.

    Scott & Whitney

    — Scott & Whitney
  • Dear Bradley Family,
    I send my sincere condolences to you all. I never had the pleasure of meeting Sharon. I knew Bruce from our high school days in New Jersey. My heart breaks for you all. My husband , Doug, joins me in sending our heartfelt sympathy during this difficult time.
    Doug and Linda Nexsen

    — Linda W Nexsen
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