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Recent Condolences

  • My daughter had Mrs. Forman last year and we were so blessed to have her in our lives. She was an exceptional teacher and friend. She was incredibly patient and loving to all her students . She will be greatly missed at Midas Creek. Thank you for sharing her with us. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

    — Heidi Elsasser
  • I will never forget Shelley and the impact she had on me as a young women’s leader. She was so funny and always up for a good time. I always knew she cared about me. I’m so sorry for your loss. What an incredible woman!

    — Ericka Olsen Eggleston
  • A wonderful tribute to a beautiful person. We love you all and continue to pray for you daily. What a blessing to know that this is only a temporary parting and you will see that loving smile again.

    — Craig and Debbie
  • Sis. Forman was my Merrie Miss leader when I was young. I loved going to her house. She always had such fun activities for us and always something extra special for holidays.
    She was also my daughter’s teacher the first year after we moved to Riverton. My daughter was very nervous about going to school and Mrs. Forman was so sweet and patient with her and her anxieties. I will be forever grateful for all the time and effort she spent. She will be missed at Midas Creek by the students and parents alike. We love her.

    — Randilee Wilde
  • One of my very earliest memories is of “Mrs. Friendly.” She was a happy part of my life for many years. She blessed and touched many. God bless.

    — Sara Bott Tye
  • I’m so sorry to hear about Shelley. What a remarkable individual. I was sad when she, Glen and family moved from our neighborhood. I thought of her often and her infectious laugh. My heart goes out to you Glen and kids. I pray you may be comforted at this difficult time.

    — ValJean Wright
  • Dear Forman family,

    Our hearts go out to you as we learned of Shelley’s passing. We have such fond memories of her. Shelley made a big impact on our lives as well as in the lives of the many children and teachers at The Newcastle School. Her talents were abundant! She was one of the best employees we ever had in 30 years. Everyone loved Shelley! We always admired the way she took care of and made time for her family, from her parents to children and grandchildren. She was never too busy to help other teachers and gave more than 100% to her students. We will all be better people from knowing Shelley.
    All our love,
    Kathleen and Larry Jensen

    — Kathleen Jensen
  • Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your children at this tender time. Our family, collectively and individually, share special memories of Shelley and wish the best for your family. She was an inspiration to all of us and will fondly be remembered.

    — John & Diane Miller
  • Glen,
    I was truly taken by surprise to learn of Shelley’s passing. How hard this must be for you! I can say, from experience, that none of us have the capacity to even glimpse how others must feel in times of loss, but I perfectly know how I feel. I feel brotherly love and I mourn with you and for you.
    Shelley misses being with you – probably as much as you yearn for her touch, her smile, the sparkle in her eye that was meant just for you.
    I pray for swift and palpable comfort from On High to sustain you in the days, weeks, months, maybe even years ahead. May the sweetest of Shelley-memories be a ready companion of yours.
    The best advice I received after I lost my Barbara, from someone who was wise, was to cry every time I had to and laugh every time I could.
    The sun always rises, even after the darkest, longest night. God be with you, good brother!
    Scott & Jean Soulier

    — Scott M Soulier
  • In my short year in knowing Shelley as Assistant Principal, I got to know her as a teacher that would do anything for her students. Her love for them was apparent in all that she did. She will forever be remembered by each one of her students as one of their favorite teachers.

    — Abram Yospe
  • I have known Shelley for the past 9 years as a wonderful 1st grade teacher. I teach 3rd grade, and many of my students had Mrs. Forman, and how they loved her! I can’t remember a time when Shelley didn’t have a smile on her face. I could often tell she was coming around the corner because of her delightful laugh. She was an inspiration to me. Her love of her students showed me how to love mine as well. I will never forget her, or her kind, happy nature.

    — Teri Childs
  • My maiden name is Buckwell. Shelley was the very first friend I met when my family moved next door to her.
    Shelley was a year ahead of me in school and was always a good example. My family and I weren’t members of the church but the Soulier’s and other faithful families on the street were very welcoming. Shelley took me under her wing and was always very kind.
    One of her favorite games was Monopoly which she took very seriously and won every time.
    Her birthday parties were always the talk of the neighborhood and one everyone looked forward to so I’m glad she continued her parent’s legacy.
    I am very sorry for your loss! She was a wonderful friend and mentor. I hope sweet memories will comfort you at this time.

    — Christi A. Cass
  • I am sad to hear the news of your loss. I pray that our heavenly father will grant you all the peace and comfort needed for today and until your family is united again. My heartfelt simpathy goes out to all your family and friends.

    — Denny Forman
  • Oh, Mrs. Forman, Lizzie misses you so much! She has had a hard time coming to class since you’ve been gone. She will always remember you calling her “Junie B Jones” (it’s so fitting!), and the magic you brought to school every day. Just know how greatly loved you are. Lizzie and I planted sunflowers and a special rose bush in our garden, and I’m naming it “Shelleys sunshine corner.” We will keep your remembrance in our hearts with the bright, colorful world you gave Lizzie. We love you, and we miss you.

    — Camille Davies
  • My heart has a special place for Mrs. Foreman. She taught two of my kids and they always felt loved by her. She was fun, kind, sincere and a wonderful teacher! She has touched the hearts of so many and will be dearly missed.

    — JaNece Mendoza
  • I am so sorry to hear of Shelleys passing. I loved her sparkling personality and enjoyed our friendship. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    — Susan Norman
  • My little Emerie is in Mrs. Formans class this year. We knew when we walked into her classroom for the first time she would be in excellent hands. Emerie knew with all her heart Mrs. Forman loved her. She was an excellent educator and we sincerely appreciate all she has done for us. We pray for your family and will miss her dearly.

    The Davis Family

    — Hollie Davis
  • “Mrs. Forman” will always be a cherished name in our home. Two of our children were fortunate enough to have had her as their first grade teacher. I was always amazed at the lengths she would go to for her students. She was exceptionally kind, patient, loving, devoted and always fun! Her smile and excitement was contagious. She was a friend to all. She will be greatly missed.

    — Nichole Parkinson
  • All 3 of our kids had the pleasure of being in Mrs. Forman’s class. We all adore her! I loved seeing her smiling face in the halls, and a minute to chat even when it had been years since she had one of my kids. She made everyone feel loved and like you were her favorite family at the school. She will always be remember as a favorite teacher for all of us! Our hearts go out to the Forman family, but know what a difference she made in so many lives.

    — Becca Hyer
  • Shelley was my Merry Miss leader and was one of the first people to really introduce me to the Gospel and what a Gospel centered home looks like. I have so many wonderful memories of being in her home, making jam and swinging in the backyard hammock. She had the ability to make anyone feel really loved and valued, and had an infectious laugh. I’ll never forget the girl’s camp game where she had to say “pomegranate” without showing her teeth. She had tears of laughter streaming down her face! Thank you, Shelley, for all the lives you touched, and for helping a lost little girl find her way!

    — Cassie Nielsen Kartchner
  • Shelley and I taught at The Newcastle School together. I learned so much from her and watched how her love for the children changed so many lives. I loved her laugh and wonderful smile! She was a wonderful example to all of us and to the children. Miss you …

    — Mari Lin Cox
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