Frank Duane Tidwell

November 24, 1929 ~ August 17, 2020


Aug. 22, 2020
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, UT 84092
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    Aug. 22, 2020
    11:00 AM
    1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, UT 84092
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  • “You’re so good looking... Because I’m so good looking”

    Frank Duane Tidwell, The Eternal Optimist, passed away peacefully in his sleep August 17, 2020.

    He was born to Joseph Rulon Tidwell and Sylvia Nielsen Tidwell on November 24, 1929. He was married to Izetta Abbott Tidwell, Sept 3, 1955 (deceased, Oct.— 1961) marriage solemnized in the Idaho Falls Temple. They gave birth to a beauty named Shauna Jo Jowell (Mallie). Later, after a tragedy followed by a miracle, Frank married Glennys Moore Tidwell, born 1934, deceased 2013) Frank and Glennys were married on April 26, 1961in the Salt Lake Temple. Frank and Glennys were blesed to add to their family, Kevin Duane Tidwell (Lysette), Michelle Tidwell and Angela (Tim Hough). They were trilled to add their two greatest joys, their grandsons: Dache Tammo Hasenberg and Troy Emmitt Jowell. Survived by his children, his beloved sister Darlene Tidwell Robinson and preceded in death by his parents, Joe and Sylvia and brother Carl.

    Frank grew up in Nampa Idaho with the best younger siblings you could ever ask for, Carl and Darlene He went to the University of Idaho and later to his BYU to study for a major in Biology and Zoology. He was a teacher first at West High School, garnering a teacher of the year award and presented it to Educators in Washington DC. He later finished his Educational career at Brighton High School.

    Frank was the Quintessential Optimist. Even up to the very last he was sure that the Fountain of Youth was just around the corner.

    Frank loved to sing, loved to dance, loved to debate politics, Hated Trump, and fell into deep passionate love with Mitt Romney. (Thank you for always being so kind). There was never too many quiet moments if you wanted to be entertained.

    He loved to “Par-lay”. In Frank’s terms, this means taking something small and turning it into something better. Gambling a quarter in a slot machine could potentially “par-lay” into something fantastic— if you were a winner. Frank believed there was a winner inside of all of us.

    Frank was so proud of his four children. Shauna is a tall, spunky, fun girl, full of beauty and a voice of a songbird that he could listen to to hours. Kevin, a smart boy with his head equally in a book or up in the sky dreaming of learning how to fly. As a U grad Kevin travelled the world as a Lt Col Marine, and a Special Agent in the DEA. Kevin and his wife Lysette run a dog rescue in California that made both Mom and Dad proud. Michelle was a dream come true, a little red head and a daddy’s girl. She was a talented dancer and later went to get a Business degree from the University of Utah she has always brought so much pride and joy to her parents. Finally Angela. Angela loved debate, drill team and reading. Today she is part of a growing successful company with new roles to play everyday.

    Franks kids are the luckiest kids alive. With Dad’s sense of fun, and Mom’s organizational skills, the family traveled the country. From Family Favorite Disneyland, to the World’s Fair in Vancouver, “we can never say we haven’t been anywhere.”

    If you played a song he knew, he was going to sing it. What a lucky thing it was to finally get hearing aids. Some might call hearing loss a curse, he considered it a blessing- hearing aids gave him “perfect pitch” and he would let anyone around him know he was willing ready and able to harmonize on a moments notice.

    Our dad loved to dance. He taught quite a few ladies how to glide around the dance floor. I was lucky to be one of them I will always and forever remember learning how to dance while standing on the top of his feet. He would pretty much tell you that if we had talent, he had to come from him.

    Dad was a lucky guy... he graduated from college with a degree in Biology and Zoology. When the time came and he was drafted into the Korean War, he was selected to infantry. He had NO idea that his degree would make any difference. By chance- the recruiter noticed that he had a science degree, which would qualify him to be a medic. What a blessing the Korean War was, by having a degree in Science, he was assigned to Trieste, Italy and instead of seeing war, he saw Europe.

    Dad was lucky in love not just once, but TWICE! He met and married his love Izetta and was blessed to have his gorgeous and talented daughter Shauna Tidwell Jowell. After tragedy struck, he met his second love, Sainted Mother Glennys. With her he was blessed with his most favorite son, Kevin Tidwell, his favorite daughter, Michelle, and then that one on the end... Angela.

    Dad loved his grandsons. Mom and Dad only had two grandchildren, Dache Hasenberg and Troy Emmitt Jowell, but they always said they preferred “quality over quantity.”

    Later, when Angela met Tim Hough he was thrilled to get three more grandkids, and would tell them, “Well, ya know, you’re MY grandkids now.” We were the lucky ones to get to spend every holiday and event with him. Often getting to hear his beautiful voice singing out the oldies.

    Dad was opinionated, smart, funny, charming and a ladies man. He said to me over and over again: “I know this isn’t a very popular decision, but I WILL marry again.” I can’t predict what happens in the afterlife, but I think his arms will be plenty full of the women who loved him.

    I am a lucky kid. I’m sure Shauna Jowell, Kevin Tidwell and Michelle Tidwell would all agree that when they were giving out Daddio’s, they saved the best for us.

    Thanks for everything, Dad.

    We will always remember the best advice you gave all of us - “put space between you and the things you regret. Replace them with good things. Soon, everyone forgets the bad and all that is left is the good.”

    He wasn’t wrong.

    WE love you Dad! Can’t wait to see you on the other side!

    The Family wants to give a special thanks to all those at Sunrise of Sandy for the excellent care and compassion they showed Frank during his time there

    Funeral services will held at 11AM on Saturday, August 22, 2020 at Larkin Sunset Gardens Mortuary, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South) in Sandy. A viewing will be held Saturday prior to the services beginning at 10AM. Social distancing and face coverings are requested due to COVID restrictions. For a full obituary and to share condolences with the family, please visit


    Frank and I were friends from Sandy Senior Center. Behind the elderly facade I discovered an interesting individual with fascinating life stories....lots of them! I really enjoyed hearing about his service in WW II in Trieste, Italy, a town I had traveled through when I was a student in France. Also family stories. We mostly played Scrabble together. Frank's disappointment was acute when his mobility declined and the center's bus could no longer transport him the two miles to the center. Frank loved the singing and dancing activities at our Center. He had a great Smile! We were both educators with many interests in common. Rest in peace, Frank. I was honored to know you. Meg Hayes Guinn Allen

    - Margaret Allen
    Dear Tidwell’s - we are sorry to hear of Frank’s passing. We have shared many memories with Frank over the 40 years of being friends and neighbors. We’ll never forget moving into the neighborhood and finding another Tidwell family just around the corner. Our genealogical relationship was not terribly close, but Frank will always be remembered as our brother.

    - James and Tomi Tidwell
    I believe he was my chemistry teacher at West High school.

    - LaDawn McNeal
    So sorry for your loss. I wish the obituary would name his children.

    - Erva Abbott Reamsbottom
    So sorry for your loss. I wish the obituary would name his children.

    - Erva Abbott Reamsbottom
    For many years I've enjoyed Frank's wit and zeal for life. He will be missed by us but treasured by loved ones already passed. There is no doubt the love Frank had for his family as he spoke often of each with tender feelings. Kerry Gracey

    - Kerry Gracey
    Mis condolencias Angela y Lalo Estoy con Uds. Mis oraciones para que tengan la fortaleza que necesitan en estos difíciles momentos. ❤ Su papi ya descansa y los está esperando .Recuerden las familias son eternas

    - Rossana Clapes de Llantoy