Benjamin Jay Fisher

April 24, 2021 ~ April 24, 2021

Benjamin Jay Fisher was delivered at 1:37am on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. Weighing just 12 oz and 8.5 inches long, labor was too much for his little heart and fragile body but he was surrounded with love by his Father, Ryan and his Mother, Jennifer.

This sweet baby boy was diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation with Potter's Syndrome, which is where he does not have any kidneys. His space in the womb was getting tight very quickly due to no amniotic fluid. After seeing multiple specialists and having multiple ultrasounds, his parents made the hard decision to induce labor. After 17 hours of labor, sweet Benjamin was delivered, but his heart was not beating.

Benjamin's family would like to thank all the amazing doctors and nurses who cared for them and Benjamin during this hard time. Also, they would like to thank all the family and friends who have rallied to support them during this heartbreaking time in their lives.

Benjamin will forever be in our hearts and we will forever cherish the short time we had with him.