Donald Christopher Sanna

1971 ~ 2021

Donald Christopher Sanna, 49, of Salt Lake City, Utah, passed away May 27, 2021.

Donald was born September 23, 1971, in Temple, Texas, where his father was stationed at Fort Hood. His dad was in the Army and they lived in Alaska, California, Washington and Oregon. Donald considered his ‘growing up’ to be in California. He often talked of visiting his grandparents in San Pedro and spending time in the Long Beach area. His high school days were in Barstow. Donald missed the sun when they moved to the Pacific Northwest. When he got his first car, he would often drive straight through to visit his ‘Grandmom.’

After moving to Oregon, Donald Married Colleen Hillsinger and Adam was born. They later divorced, but together they raised their son. Donald was so proud of his son. When you met Donald, you almost immediately knew of Adam.

Donald met Michael in 1997. Although not always together, they were never apart.

Donald always made friends wherever he lived and worked; his property management company in Portland, Meier and Frank, especially at Starbucks, the year he and Michael lived in Lincoln City, and then Papyrus in Salt Lake City. Donald was a true and loyal friend. He may not always be in contact but would reconnect in a minute. He loved his friends, his cats and ‘I Love Lucy.’

Donald is survived by his son Adam Christopher Sanna; sister Tammy Traeger (Mike); nephew Noah; nieces Mallory Wolf, Tiffany Sanders and Sara Traeger; his ‘second family’ – the Mendenhalls, his always and forever with all the 7’s, Michael Hilton Mendenhall, and the girls, Betty, Kathy and Ethel.

Donald was preceded in death by his much-loved parents Donald Sanna and Paulette Sue Long Sanna; his sister Tiffany; paternal grandparents Thomas Sanna and Teresa Marie Ricciardelli Sanna; maternal grandparents William Harold Long and Anita Orbe Long, along with much-loved Lucy and Sally.

Memorials and celebrations are planned for the future. Please send your contact information to


I am so sorry for the lost of Donald. I knew him & babysat for him when he was very little. His grandparents (Longs) & my parents were friends, we all lived in Kodiak... be was such an adorable child, & I cared alot about him. I wish I knew he was so close all these years, I would have reached out. I am in Astoria Ore. Donnie was too young to leave so soon. Again, I am so very sorry for your heartache💔

- Denise G Burns (Hagert)
This is one of the hardest things I've ever done. To my dear family, I. So sorry for our lose. Embrace our memories of this special man. One day we'll be able to laugh. One day, I promise you it won't feel like is does now Adam, I know it doesn't feel like it, but from the bottom of my heart I know your dad was so proud of you and worships you, ease in your darkest hours remember that. Michael, you know what you meant to him, all his love went to you. You are his world! I know there is one party happening up there. Thank you everyone who has ever met my incredibly, handsome, huge hearted man. I'm sorry I can't finish this. I can only say I love and miss you immensely!! Tammy be strong with me baby!!

- Sissie
With deepest sympathies to his family and friends who are grieving the loss of this dear soul. I pray he is with his Lord and Savior and in total peace and ever-lasting joy. So glad I got to meet Donald and that he called me once and asked me to pray for him. Blessings Shirley Aleckson (Christy’s Mom)

- Shirley & Darrell Aleckson
I can never express just how much Donald meant to all of us. From his car trips to get us in California to drive to Oregon with me, Gen and his Aunt Banana, to singing Madonna and LA Trim, rough times and good times, the best food fight I've ever been in and so many more memories. Donald was an integral part of my life always. Michael, I can never forget all you've done for, shared and been to Donald for so many years. I will always be grateful to you for you've been his light through the years, you were by his side always and at the end. You will always be our family and always be lives by us. My love to all who knew and adored Donald, for knowing Donald meant to love Donald. His smile will always light up the world. May the Gods Bless and keep us all! I love you Donald and I'll see you again when I make it beyond the Veil.

- Anita