Hiram Lopez Dominguez

1949 ~ 2021


June 7, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Larkin Sunset Gardens,, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, Utah
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  • Hiram Lopez Dominguez
    Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Friend

    Hiram was born in Veracruz, Mexico on February 8, 1949. He passed from this earth on June 2, 2021.

    He will always be in our hearts and with us in every moment as he was too big a part of us to ever really be gone.

    Hiram met the love of his life, Sydna June Beasley in the summer of 1970 when she traveled to Mexico for her Spanish minor in college but came back with her Mrs. Degree. They took care of each other every single one of their fifty (50) years of marriage with a love that transcended all.

    Rom, you were the absolute love of my life. I love you forever, for always, and no matter what. I miss you so, so much. – Yours, Sydna

    Hiram was father to two stunningly beautiful, and incredibly smart daughters, Laura June Lopez (Summers) and Monica Joy Lopez (Roberts) to whom he imparted so much of his life experience and loving wisdom.
    Dad, we have, and will always -because of your example, succeed at every challenge we encounter. Your love and your voice are our constant companion.

    Dad, I have your gift of words, and your romantic view of the world which I capture with your eye for photography. Thank you for the special gift (and curse) of expensive taste for the best. I can pick THE MOST EXPENSIVE *anything* in any store upon entry. A piece of my heart has gone with you. I am so grateful to have been able to see you last week. Our last conversation was so special, and like always, you told me – together, we can conquer anything. I’m holding you to that. My world is much smaller without you. I miss you “OH SO MUCH!” - Lali

    Dad, I share your joy and passion for sports (except basketball), and I am the same kind of picture-taking historian as you have always been, documenting all the momentous and spontaneous moments of my children’s lives. Thank you for teaching me to love making Christmas special – the way you loved to – creating memories to cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for teaching me all I need to know about electronics, tools, and cars. It was my honor to spend your last few days with you. The loving wink you gave me as I left your side for the last time will forever be my sweetest memory. Just as I did that day, I’m winking back, and blowing you a kiss – I hope you catch it. I love you and will forever miss you. - Joy

    Together, we are all the best parts of you.

    Hiram’s greatest joys were his grandchildren, Justin Blake Summers, Brynn Marie Roberts, and Chase Dalton Roberts. They lovingly call him “Papi”. Each of them an athlete in their own right, taking every bit of coaching from their Papi as he swelled with pride to be in attendance at each of their sports activities. Justin, a college quarterback, Brynn, a high school softball star, and Chase, his young soccer protégé.

    Papi, I once wrote a school paper about my hero. They told us to choose someone we wanted to be like when we got older. Other kids chose Kobe, MLK, and other public figures. I chose you. You made the life you wanted with intention and with love. You unlocked my curiosity and my identity. You gave me the confidence to go anywhere, talk to anyone, and to be myself, always – and unapologetically. I’m so proud of you. I love you. I miss you. You’ll always be with me. – Justy

    Papi, I look up to you in so many ways. Thank you for showing me how strong and resilient a person can be. I will always remember your positive words and hugs after a tough game. Just like you are proud of me for everything, I am proud to call you my Papi. Your love will always be with me. I miss you Papi, and I love you very much. - Brynnie

    Papi, Thank you for always being there and teaching me to play soccer from your experiences and for telling me how proud you are of me – thank you for giving me the best gifts. I love you. - Chaser

    Hiram was a romantic, a dancer, and a lover of *most* genres of music – which he always listened to at top volume. He taught his kids and his grandkids the same love of music. Together, we can name just about any tune, with title, lyrics, and artist – and we won’t hesitate to challenge you. We hope he’s proud of the legacy he leaves with us.

    In fact, Hiram had an incredible artistic talent. Hiram was not a classically trained artist, but rather, like the man himself – self-taught, with dedication, desire, drive and ALL of his heart. Each of his paintings were masterful strokes of his soul, not just oil on canvas. If you by chance have one of his pieces in your collection, please know – it was his greatest honor to have painted something beautiful JUST for you.

    Hiram always gave gifts on days other than birthdays and holidays because he truly believed every day was a special occasion. He wasn’t going to wait for the calendar to tell him when he was supposed to do something. In fact, he always did EXACTLY what he wanted to do – and didn’t give a damn what others thought. Thank you for teaching us confidence in ourselves, and the personal pride to do our best – and then some – at everything we do.

    Papi liked to surprise Grandma with “engañito’s”, especially at Christmas. He loved to adorn her with the best of the best, but especially jewelry. He enjoyed blasting Christmas music and searching for Santa’s sleigh with his grandchildren. His yard was the best-looking yard in the neighborhood, and he was very proud of it. He took pride in everything he had and took THE BEST care of everything he loved – especially all of us.

    Hiram was a die-hard Jazz and Major League Soccer fan. We take special comfort in the fact that in his last days, he was able to watch his Jazz in the playoffs.

    Hiram would give you the shirt off his back, the money in his wallet, with the grace of a man who knew what it was like to grow up in hard times. He was always quick with a joke, quick with a smile, and quick with a pat on the back. He made friends everywhere he went, because – it’s hard not to like a man of his caliber.

    Peace be with you Papi, and with all of us.
    Forever and ever in our hearts,
    Your loving family

    In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Hiram’s name to CNS Home Health & Hospice.
    By Mail
    Community Nursing Service
    2830 South Redwood Road, Suite A
    Salt Lake City, UT 84119
    (Make check out to Community Nursing Services)
    By Phone
    Call (801) 233-6100.
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    Tío Hiram, fuiste una gran persona, excelente tío, cariñoso, agradecido, generoso y muy especial para mí, te voy a extrañar mucho ,porque después de tantos años sin vernos y sin saber de ti el reencuentro que tuvimos fue muy bonito y siempre agradeceré a Dios por ponerme personas como tú, te recordaré siempre con mucho cariño, descansa en paz

    - Gustavo López Vasto
    Querido tío....no sabes el enorme placer que es, fue y será haberte tenido en mi vida de forma tan cercana estos últimos tiempos de tu vida. Extrañaré que me digas que soy tu muñequita de porcelana!! Gracias por todas esas charlas en la madrugada. Me prometiste que no te ibas a morir, pero así es la vida y tu tiempo llegó. Estoy segura que allá en el cielo mis abuelos y mis tíos Eddie y Gustavo te están gozando increíblemente. Nos haces falta a cada segundo. Te extraño como no tienes idea....tus platicas, tu risa, tus bromas!!! Me da gusto habertelo dicho en vida: fuiste el único tío con el que conviví de forma tan cercana. Gracias por cada uno de tus consejos, por cada una de tus palabras...las llevaré siempre en mi corazón. Me siento feliz porque sé que tus dolores y sufrimiento por fin terminaron. Gracias por enseñarme a quererte de esta manera. Your porcelain doll: María Teresa López Sam

    - María Teresa López Sam
    Sydna I am so sorry for your loss. I know the emptiness you are all feeling will not go away quick, remember the good times and all the love you shared. Having each other was a blessing and know you will be together again someday. Sending prayers and love your way.

    - Cherie Rekoutis
    Sydna and daughters. So sad to hear of Hiram's passing. He was a great friend and workmate. Rest in peace my friend.

    - Larry Jeffries
    I was saddened to hear of Hiram’s passing. I worked with him at Autotrader for a few years. He was very nice and was always happy and laughing. We had some fun times! Condolences to his wife and family.

    - Janet Aram
    Sorry to hear of Hirams passing. Sounds like you had time to say goodbye and have moments of peace with him before he passed.... what a true blessing that was. I’m sure you have many memories to now treasure. Our best to you Sydna, Laura and Joy. Although our interactions as a family were rare... we always enjoyied his laughter and stories when we did spend time together years ago. Take Care and God Bless you all! Craig & Tonya Sheppard (Summers family)

    - Tonya Sheppard
    Our hearts ate so broken for your family. He was one of the sweetest, most friendly, outgoing, caring person that listened to every word you said and you felt his genuine love for everyone he met! We are so thankful you found him Sydna! He always was a special, awesome , amazing cousin! Our family is soooo sorry. We will keeps you all in our prayers and pray y’all will find peace and comfort! We love you. Sandra and Roy Nations

    - Sandra Nations
    Sydna, Laura and Joy, My darling daughter in law - Marla Daniels sent me the sad information this morning and I went in to see the wonderful obituary you had for Hiram. I remember so many blessed times when we were in Vancouver WA together. Sydna I am so sorry for your loss and am so grateful you had over 50 wonderful years together. How grateful we all are for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. My love and prayers are with you Barbara (Daniels) Davies

    - Barbara J Davies
    I am Hiram's niece. I'm writing this message with my heart broken and tears all over my soul. Dear Laura and Joy. Last time I saw you guys you were little, like 10 and 4 years old. Many years had to pass before we reunited with Hiram again, in Mexico, 2020 when he came to Veracruz to visit us and got to know the little ones of the family. From that moment on, our life was changed forever and specially my dad was the happiest person of the whole world, for having the opportunity of finding his youngest, loving brother, again. Now, we have to say good bye to him, again, until we meet again. We feel honored and privileged to have had him as our loving hermano, cuñado, and tío. He was the best person I had ever met in my whole life. We have so many memories of him, anecdotes, stories to share, that years will pass and we will still be talking about the great Hiram. I know for sure how proud he was from his grand children. He used to speak about them all the time. I had the fortune of speaking with him two days before his last day, and if I had known it was going to be the last time, I would have told him a million times how much I, and we, the whole family, love him (although I know he knew that for sure). Gracias amado Hiram por todo tu amor incondicional. Aquí está tu familia de México que honrará tu recuerdo por siempre jamás. También mi héroe y mi inspiración! También tantos genes heredados de ti. Hasta siempre gran tío HIRAM. SIEMPRE VIVIRÁS EN NOSOTROS.

    - Adriana Lopez Sam
    So sorry for your loss. Enjoyed having known Rom and the time that you all spent in the South in Red Star. We pray for you at this time and the days to come. May the Lord bless you with his infinite love. Jerry Britt

    - Jerry Britt

    . Mis mas sinceras condolencias para la familia de Hiram ,fuu alumno de la 4th generacion del Benemerito, lo recuerdo jugando basketball, nuestro Dios bendiga a su familia.

    - Arturo Perez
    Querido amigo Hiram siento mucho tu partida a tu morada celestial recibe un abrazo asta el cielo te vamos a extrañar TQM

    - María de los Ángeles Rodriguez Miranda
    Dear Sydna, and all family! With sadness and sorrow our hearts were broken, when we learned of Rom's passing. Every time when we saw each other at work place, it was special joy of saying"Hi", receive his hug, or pet on the back, his loving and sharing smile or just knowing he is nearby made the day very special! As a most precious gift I will keep sticky note from Rom, saying "Hi" and whishing to have a nice day at work! The one word describes Rom is "LOVE". Everything he did was through that love, he received from his parents and through his life. And he shared his gifts abundantly, not expecting anything in return. But he was always loved and appreciated by anybody, who knew him. Thank you, is not enough to say to you, Rom! Thank you for sharing, teaching and giving always love, through love, with love! You will be greatly missed! So talented in many things man, hardworker, and sparkling soul! But through the tears of physical absence of you, we will be comforted, that now you are free of pain and sufferring. Rest in peace! We will know that another beuatiful angel is above and watching over his loved ones first and everyone, he has touched in so many ways! We love you, Rom! With Love, Luda

    - Luda Davis
    Dear Lopez family, Hiram was a dear friend since 1964. So very sorry for your separation at this time. I know he will miss each of you as much as you miss him until you are all reunited. Un abrazo y sinceras condolencias de la familia Taylor.

    - Silvia Taylor Fryer