Loata Dyana Tai

June 16, 2020 ~ June 16, 2020

On December of 2019, John & Mahina received sensational news. The Lord had blessed them not only with one precious Child of God, but two; a son & a daughter.

On June 16, 2020 at 1:55 p.m., just 3 minutes after her twin brother, Tavake Tulikihihifo Tai’s arrival, our precious and angelic, Loata Dyana Tai, blessed us with her strong presence. Though she was tiny in stature, at 3 lbs. 4 oz. & 15 & 1/2 inches long, her spirit was strong- she radiated light & peace. Filled with complete perfection, Loata was meek in her demeanor, she did not cry yet all who were present were intrigued by her bold presence & spirit. She is a true & pure Daughter of God, her humble entrance into this world confirmed that.

From the moment she was created, she was a miracle & performing God’s work from the Heavens prior to her arrival. While many anticipated the arrival of the Tai Twins, a plethora of people prayed & fasted for Loata’s health & her family. Loata changed the hearts of many; some received revelation because of her, others felt the spirit in ways they hadn’t felt before while praying & fasting for her. Though she hadn’t greeted us physically, she taught us many lessons spiritually.

Loata’s family from near & far celebrated her & her twin brother’s arrival. Though many were hundreds of miles away they could feel Loata’s extraordinary spirit. Shortly after, Loata was given the most heavenly & divine blessing from her devoted & faithful father, John. For the first 4 hours of her short yet beautiful life, Loata lay quietly & peacefully skin to skin with her valiant, faithful & courageous mother, Mahina. During their special one-on-one time together, Mahina spoke to her youngest daughter & it’s certain that Loata spoke to her mommy as well although she could not speak. Loata was able to connect virtually with her older siblings, Tina & Mauna. Tina tearfully shared sweet words of love & admiration with her little sister. Mauna clearly pronounced his baby sister’s name which is a clear reminder that he knows her.

Later, Loata was bathed by her Daddy, her spirit radiated even more as her physical body was refined. Loata was then reunited with her big brother, Tavake, as they lay quietly & closely together their bond was avowed. The connection Tavake & Loata hold is one in which we cannot fathom. Perhaps they stood alongside one another in Heaven surrounded by generations of angels that came before them. Or perhaps they played, laughed, & enjoyed one another’s company knowing that their time on earth together would be brief. The love that they share is eternal and shortly after laying peacefully & perhaps saying her last final “see you later” to her big brother, Loata departed to the other side of the veil at 7:16 p.m. surrounded with pure love of her loving mother & father, Mahina & John.

Loata is a chosen Daughter of God. The plan Heavenly Father has for Loata is far more than any of us can imagine. She is perfect, just as our Savior, and we believe though her life on this earth was but a moment in time, she LIVES and is alongside the most perfect & elite beginnings in Heaven. We find peace in the Plan of Salvation in which our Savior, Jesus Christ, died for us that we may return to Heaven & be reunited with our sweet & precious Loata. Until that sweet day, we feel her abundant spirit surround us & know she has a hand in the many tender mercies we have & will continue to experience.

Loata, you are so loved baby girl. You are precious & we are forever grateful for the inspiration that you are in our lives. Please continue to watch over your older siblings, Tina, Maunaloa, and Tavake & your wonderful parents, Mahina & John.

God be with you til we meet again our angel.