Joan Poulter Horsley Haskins

May 13, 1927 ~ November 21, 2020

Joan Poulter Horsley Haskins, 93 years old, of Salt Lake City, Utah, passed away of natural causes on November 21, 2020.

Joan was a loving wife and mother who was born and raised in her beloved Brigham City to Scott and Manilla Horsley on May 13, 1927. She lived her life with passion helping those in need with a kind smile, a warm hug or paying for a Wendy's chocolate shake to those lucky enough to be behind her in line. A prolific writer, her works ranged from a Christmas book to parables dealing with grief and loss. Additionally, she was a frequent contributor to the LA Times children's section and popular on the lecture circuit.

A lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she focused on living a Christlike life, keeping active and holding many jobs in her ward.

Joan was proud of being an undergraduate student at Utah State University and obtaining a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Utah. She married Richard C. Haskins on June 20, 1945 and was married for 64 years. She is survived by her children Neal (Cindy) Haskins, Rick Haskins, Cathy Haskins, and Gena (Stephen) Alder, her seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband, her brother Scott Phillip Horsley, and her baby brother Clem.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Joan Haskins Scholarship fund at the University of Utah School of Business. This fund will support students who come from foster care or have homeless backgrounds. To donate, please contact Katie Amundsen at or 801-783-0325.

For those wanting to view the graveside service via Zoom recording please see the information below:

Joan Haskins Graveside Service
Date: Nov 28, 2020


Dear Haskins Family, We send our condolences to your family. We will remember Joan as a great lady with a zest for life, quick bright wit, and kindness and compassion towards people and animals. I was her ministering sister for a brief time prior to her moving from her home. Although we only had a few actual in-person visits, she was terrific at email, and I always looked forward to opening her emails-which were generally all in caps, yet replete with both her splendid sense of style and humor as she communicated basic life happenings. One of the memories that stands out most to me is her recounting two of her exciting life events at the time- the birth of her first great grandchild, and her surprise meeting with Mitt Romney visiting her in her home. She was so thrilled and joyful at both of these events, as well as other milestones in the life of her children and grandchildren, which she often told me about and shared pictures if I was there or via email. She was so proud of all of her family, the lives they were living, and the good they were doing in the world. She left a legacy of her life and goodness through her wonderful family. Love, Harry and Jeanette Nelson

- Jeanette Nelson
It has been my privilege to be acquainted with Jody for almost 50 years. The kindness she personified in solicitous attention she gave to her Aunt Eloise during Eloise's declining years was heart warming. Jody also had much love and care for her family. It was always apparent in her comments and daily actions. Jody was a kind and thoughtful friend. We both were widows together, and shared many sorrowing conversations. Farewell dear friend. It is good to be free and to return home again. Love and hugs, Regina in Colorado

- Regina Kohutek
Dear Haskins family, I am deeply saddened by dear Joan's passing away. Her's was a truly well lived life. I had been trying to reach her the past couple months as I wanted to thank her via a Zoom call since in person meeting during the pandemic was not a good idea. Joan helped me navigate a path that was an unusual one for a first time mother. I met her in DDI where she was a social worker and counselled many parents who had children with disabilities/ special needs. Joan and I struck a friendship in the 2 years of service that my daughter got through DDI. I had her over at my place for a dinner with a couple more wonderful people who helped me & my husband with our first born. I later met the same group out at Marie Callender's for lunch once after my child started school and no longer received services from DDI. My husband and I had the fortune and pleasure of having dinner with Joan and Richard at their lovely home in the Harvard-Yale neighborhood one year. One year Joan gave me a book that she wrote for young home makers, another year she gave me a book that she helped a grouop of homeless kids write about homelessness. As time passed by and I had more children, Joan and I lost touch. She never left my heart and mind. My younger kids never go to meet Joan but they sure heard of her as I mentioned to them many a times about her. Recently, they heard about how I was trying to find Joan and how sad I was that I had left a message on a number that had her voice on the voicemail but not heard back from her. Unfortunately for me, Joan called while my family had left for the East coast in August and left me a message but no phone number to call back. I barely found her contact number again but I also saw a familiar kind face looking at me from the Tribunes obituary page before I could call the number I had found and felt hopeful to talk to Joan. I will always cherish my memories of her. My heartfelt condolences to the family. May her kind soul rest in peace. Warm regards, Malavika & Milind Deo

- Malavika Deo
I enjoyed my friendship with Joan so much. She was always a good listener for me, and she made me laugh in very unexpected ways with her spunky comments! I have missed her since she needed to move to care, but I am relieved for her sake that she has been released. Please accept my sincere condolences. Margo Andrews

- Margo Andrews