Judy Irene Morrill Allen

August 4, 1950 ~ September 10, 2020

Judy Irene Morrill Allen passed away September 10th, 2020 in Murray Utah. The oldest of five children she was born to Max and Hope Morrill in Roosevelt, Utah on August 4, 1950. Judy was married in the Logan Utah temple, and had a long marriage of 26 years before being divorced.

She was a steadfast member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and had an abiding love of, and faith in the gospel, which was a strength and guide for her entire life. She was a wonderful mom to her kids, and loving Grammy to her grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Early on it was obvious she had a spunky personality and did things her own way. As a child when her father bought her a red tricycle she would zoom on it up and down the sidewalk as fast as she could, and hide the tricycle in her room at night, so that no one could take it while she slept. Later while in elementary school she would get in trouble with the teacher for talking too much, and as punishment the teacher would send her out into the hall. But, instead of thinking about the consequences of her actions, she would stand up tall, and tell all who walked by that she was the Hall Monitor. As a mother, to protect her children when the public school became a toxic environment, she home taught them at a time when home teaching was looked down upon by society. In her last years her spunkiness helped her voice her opinions, and beliefs, on social media even in the face of opposition.

During the 1980's she wrote, illustrated, and designed 14 family-night books complete with games, songs, hand puppets, audio books, quotes, and historical facts. She also started her own publishing company to print and sell her books, and the books of three other women authors. She started a family band that performed at rodeos, social clubs, and other venues. She directed community plays, and talent shows. She choreographed her children in lip-syncing, who won second place in a statewide competition, and were scheduled to perform on the national TV show Puttin on the Hits when an illness made it so the kids could not travel. She began a company that designed stationary for scrapbooking. Working with her sister, she was a property manager for an apartment complex in Salt Lake City.

Judy loved music, small cute things, pinwheels, faeries, and paper. She loved genealogy, and spent many hours taking classes, indexing, and researching. She loved the things computers could do, despite questioning why they were not designed better for people. She was a member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, and loved the monthly meetings. She loved to throw holiday parties for family and friends. She loved homemade pizza. She loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Danny Elfman's songs, and music. She loved politics, and Donald Trump. She loved true crime, but never got her answer as to why serial killers do the things they do. She loved to sing, but ruined her voice trying to imitate the heavy metal singers of the 80's and 90's. She was a fan of KISS, and got to see them in concert several times, and meet them in person. She loved the music of the 60’s and instilled a love of it in her children. Judy loved all of her family and going to family reunions where she could talk to her brothers, sister, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles. Above all she loved her children and sacrificed much for their happiness.

Judy is survived by her six children. In her honor a graveside service will be held on Friday, September 25th.