Margaret Ann Horton

May 17, 1952 ~ April 15, 2021

Ann was born May 17, 1952 at McKay Hospital in Ogden Utah to parents Dale Leland Jost and Margaret MacDonald Jost. Along with her sister, Jacquelynn, she grew up in Kaysville where she graduated from Davis High School. Ann went on to college at Weber State and completed her bachelor’s degree in Education. Upon graduation with Honors, she began teaching English and Reading at Butler Middle School, where she led their reading program. During her earlier years, Ann was constantly active, participating in ballet, piano, violin, snow and water skiing, jr. high cheerleading and high school drill team - all while maintaining exceptional grades. She filled her life with cherished friendships and loved hosting holiday parties and managing social events where she contributed much of her artistic drawing talent. Likewise, her elaborate cakes, sugar cookies and gingerbread men were anticipated works of detailed art that tasted as good as they looked!
In 1978, she met Joe Horton at the University of Utah 16th Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They first met at a Halloween party at her father’s cherry processing plant in Fruit Heights. Joe was attracted to her authenticity and candor, qualities that seemed to intimidate other people. She was feisty and had backbone, a quick wit, and a keen mind. She was also athletic and beautiful. Within a few weeks, they discovered how much they had in common and began to fall in love. It was the beginning of a love that would be challenged in unusual ways from the start, but would wax strong over the next 43 years.
Later that year, the doctor confirmed that she had Multiple Sclerosis, and (because at that time there were few treatment options) advised her never to get married. Ann repeatedly faced this devastating prognosis with courage, faith, and determination. After months of somber prayer and a soul-searching quest for spiritual guidance and direction, Ann and Joe were married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 6, 1979. It was, for both of them, a leap of faith. From that point forward, her unequivocal love and devotion to her husband and family became the focus of her life.
Ann went on to have two boys, Matt and Drew, and she dedicated her life to them as a fierce advocate and loving mother, creating a home where peace, love and harmony abounded. She continued working from home as a tutor to several children in the community and volunteered many hours in the classroom, helping both teachers and her kids with school projects (which was her element).
Though her MS progressed and she eventually became confined to a wheelchair, her spirit remained strong and active. She maintained her swimming routine multiple times/week up until the final days of her life. She became a strong beacon of hope and inspiration to those around her, shining her light and persisting forward each day with courage, strength and resilience. In addition, she maintained excellent cognitive ability as one who constantly read books and sought to learn throughout her life. She was a source for many as a wise counselor to those seeking guidance with life decisions.
Ann was a dedicated follower of Jesus who, as an Apostle once pronounced in a blessing to her several years ago, “partook of the bitter cup, without becoming bitter.”
As Ann’s illness progressed, she was supported by a group of caring and charismatic young women who became an extension of family. In addition, her hospice team was remarkable. The family would like to thank this dedicated group for enhancing her quality of life and for enabling her peaceful transition.
She will be greatly missed but we know that she will continue supporting those she loves with vigilance.

Ann was an advocate for children and education. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to


This news was devastating. Ann was kindhearted and giving. One of my favorite memories of Ann is when she had the Halloween party for her friends at the rock loft. Of course, everything was done with perfection. The decorations, setting up the fun pumpkins, straw, food and drinks were provided. Included were party lights, music, fun Halloween games like bobbing for apples. All of our friends were there and most importantly, Ann was there. She was one of the funnest people to be around. Only kind words came out of Ann. Before Covid MaryLynne and Ann made arrangements so a few of her Kaysville friends could go visit her. She had planters for all of us and someone had gone and picked up lunch for all of us. With all the trials and pain she had, she still put us first. While we there, we were talking about some negative things and she directed us to a better path of discussing positive things. These are cherished memories. Ann always put a smile on my face. Oh, how I admired her! Jodiann, is what she would always say to me. This was always memorable because everyone else just said Jodi. I would like to think it was the connection of our names-Ann. We all loved and respected her! I am so sorry for your loss and send my heartfelt sympathies. You and your loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers.

- Jodiann Graham
What a beautiful obituary for a beautiful woman! We were able to get to know Ann during our visits to see family in Utah. After meeting her for the first time she instantly made us feel loved and sincerely cared about how our family was doing and what we were up to. She has a beautiful and resilient soul and I looked up to her positivity and kindness. Sending love and prayers to your family.

- Emily Allen