Mark Vernon Parmley

September 5, 1981 ~ November 9, 2020


Nov. 16, 2020
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
1950 E. Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, Utah
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  • Mark Vernon Parmley passed away in his home in Murray, Utah, on November 9, 2020 at the age of 39.

    He was born September 5, 1981 in Washington D.C. to Kirsti and Vernon Parmley. He was the third of four children. Being an Army brat, he lived with his family in many different locations, including San Francisco, CA; Waterville, Maine; Toole, Utah; Nuremberg, Germany; Edmond, Oklahoma; and Puyallup, WA. It was in Puyallup that he grew from a precocious third grader to an athletic, adventurous, studious young man. He graduated from Gov. John R. Rogers High School, where he enjoyed playing water polo. Mark was an Eagle Scout and learned to love the outdoors at an early age, thanks in large part to great scout leaders and friends. He learned to play viola, but his real passion was for the guitar. He could play the most complicated riffs and songs. He also loved attending live concerts. Mark served an LDS mission in Portland, OR and Kennewick, WA. He graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2008 with a B.S. in biochemistry. The last twelve years, he has worked mostly as a chemist with pharmaceutical companies here in the Salt Lake Valley, which he enjoyed very much. When he wasn’t working, he could be found in the canyons and other mountains, exploring, hiking, climbing, and adventuring. He was able to summit Mt. Rainier, Grand Teton, and King’s Peak, among many other local peaks.

    Mark was loved by his family and is survived by his Parents as well as his sisters Sonja Ames (Jeremy) and Erica Thompson (Nicholas), and his brother Michael Parmley (Tayler) as well as 12 nieces and nephews who adored him.

    Having exposure to multiple cultures from multiple family moves growing up and having gone through some tough times himself, Mark was always comfortable with people regardless of their backgrounds. He could become anyone’s friend without prejudice. He was generous and liked to help those in need. Mark was a gentle, kind soul and will be dearly missed by those lucky enough to know and love him.

    An informal open house will be held for those to pay their respects in honor of Mark on Monday, November 16th from 1:00pm - 2:00 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 E. Dimple Dell Rd., Sandy, UT. An in-person invitation memorial service will follow at 2pm. All other guests are invited to attend via broadcast:

    Mark’s ashes will be buried in the mountains that he loved in a private family service on Tuesday, November 17th.


    Dear Kristi and Dr. Parmley, Annie and I were shocked and saddened to hear about your son’s passing. We are heartbroken for your family and are praying that you can find solace in this difficult time. May his soul Rest In Peace. Deepak and Ann Sambhara

    - Deepak and Ann Sambhara
    Dear Kirsti and Vern With sadness we heard about the passing away of your son Mark. Our heartfelt condolences for your loss. Love Pia and Kirsi

    - Makkonen Kirsi
    May God hold you as tenderly in His embrace as you once held your precious son. May he shoulder your burden of grief and help you find joy again. With deepest sympathy.

    - Rick and Joan Scalcucci
    I’m so sorry to hear of your families loss. Words always fall short, but we are all thinking of you.

    - David Taylor
    May God comfort & bless you and your family during this difficult time! We love ❤️ and mourn with you! Thanks for coming to see us, it was so nice to see you. Your loving & spiritual friends. Love Denny & Paula Frost

    - Denny & Paula Frost & Family
    Kirsti and Vern: So sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. I am sure words alone cannot fill the void in your life.

    - Cal and Susan Sprik
    Mark was a kind and knowledgeable co-worker. He was always willing to help when anyone had a question. He was a team player who valued the success of everyone. With his loss the world is a bit darker. His memory is a small light. My prayers are with you during this difficult time.

    - Laura Komenda
    Sending virtual hugs to the whole family. I have such fond memories of Mark when he was my early morning seminary teacher. Those scripture chase challenges always got a little crazy when he would get involved. Later on we had a great time playing guitar, riding on the pontoon boat, and having some serious DDR sessions on the X-box and Mario Kart races. Kind words of encouragement were his way. He was a real friend and someone who is already missed.

    - Joseph Huckbody
    Our hearts are heavy for our beloved Parmley family. May you be comforted at this time and throughout the years.

    - Jessica Kehr Judd
    Mark was one of my closest friends at BYU-I. He taught me how to rock climb. I remember the first time we climbed together. He explained the safety equipment and how to rock climb. He made it sound so simple and like I could do anything. When I approached the rock face and looked up, I couldn’t see where to put my hands and feet. I couldn’t see step one, let alone the path I needed to take to reach the top. All I saw was a flat, vertical rock wall. Mark was so positive and so patient with me as he coached me. Over time, Mark taught me to climb. He taught me how to see the path to the top. But that was Mark. That’s who he was. Through his contagious optimism and genuine kindness, he showed us how to see the path. Through the light that he shone, he helped us all reach the top. I have faith that Mark is just as busy as he always was, still encouraging others on and helping others see the path. He’s just not doing it in the same way. I love you buddy!

    - Robbie Hansen
    Our dear Kirst and Vern, and Sonja, Erica and Mika - and family who we know adored Mark, Our hearts are heavy for you today as a family you visit this milestone for Mark too many years too soon. We are with you in spirit and send our love and prayers to you. We love your family. We love your Mark. Although we may not be able to take away your sorrow, while we sorrow for you, we know there is One who can. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful picture of Mark as he reached a new height and stood so pleased with his accomplishment and full of joy. Love and healing to you all. The DeMille's

    - Kim and Steve DeMille
    I have such a high opinion of Mark. I was a his bishop at BYUI for a few years and I truly loved this young man. He was an inspiration to many, a man of very high character that everyone around him loved. He was the consummate student, room mate and friend. He was exact in all that he did. He fulfilled callings perfectly and treated everyone as an equal. If there was a member of the ward that was struggling with anything he would take it upon himself to befriend the individual, he truly cared about others. I think of Mark often and wish I could have stayed in touch with him. I will miss him, and I will always remember him for the kind, gentle and considerate good man that he was and is. Condolences to his family. Craig Carter

    Mark was a part of my childhood. I loved the Parmley family. I am deeply sorry for your loss and know grief is an indescribable pain.

    - Jennifer Purdie
    The news of Marks passing hit many of us old Puyallup friends the same, shock and heartache for your beloved family and the loss we know you’re feeling. Mark surely was a part of my youth and that loss is felt greatly. We were only a few weeks apart in age, so we had church class and activities together through our youth. I remember him being more reserved, but also in times of play you would see more of a silly side to Mark. After HS I attended Pierce College and really the memory I think of when I think back on that time was with Mark. I was struggling with anxiety and depression and had a hard time wanting to attend class. Mark happened to be in my Lit class. I wish he knew, well, I know he knows now, how much it meant to have his friendly, familiar face sitting right behind me in a place I wasn’t wanting to be. The chats we would have before and after class were priceless at a time of great challenge for me. Brother and Sister Parmley, you raised an amazing son who is off helping many more like us. Time has not diminished the impact Mark and the rest of your beautiful family had on us growing up. May the gospel give you all the peace you need as you mourn him. Much love, Tarah Corrales-King- Ridgecrest Ward

    - Tarah D Corrales King
    Sonja and Family I was devasted to learn about Mark's passing. I had only met him once at your house for a Christmas EVE. I had such a pleasant conversation with him. My deepest sympathy to your entire family, including your mom and dad.

    - Kalevi Rasi-Koskinen
    Our deepest condolences to the Parmley family. We are so very sorry for your loss. We would have liked to meet Mark and the whole family last summer here in Finland; we really had been looking forward to the reunion for all the cousins, and the second cousins. But the covid-19 postponed it for the future. When we last met Mark he was a little boy. Your family had traveled to Finland from Germany, and we were spending time together at the summer cottage by the Gulf of Finland. We remember Mark from his enthusiastic screams “I am hyper active” when he was running and exploring the wild nature and playing with the wooden toy sailing boats. He really showed to be a nature lover already at young age. A true half Finn. Marjo and Tom

    - Marjo Liljestrom
    Dear Kirsti and Vern, We are saddened to hear of Mark's passing. Members of your loving Puyallup friendship network let us know. We will remember Mark's genuine and captivating smile and eyes and his kind heart. You and your family have been and will continue to be in our prayers. With love, Dennis and Angela

    - Dennis and Angela Doutre
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.

    - Brittany Zobell
    Dear Kirsti and Vern Parmley, We were so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. We know that he is in a good place and surrounded by dear people, love and light. It does not take away your sorrow and longing. Our condolences and prayers for your peace and consolation. Love, President and Sister Kervinen

    - President and Sister Kervinen
    So many great memories growing up with Mark. He was kind and funny and a great friend. So very sorry to hear that we have lost him so soon. The Parmley family will all be in our prayers.

    - Kendall Wilson
    Mark was such an incredibly kind and supportive person. I will always consider myself lucky to have known him. He had an incredible spirit and my heart is heavy knowing that he is no longer with us. My deepest condolences to the family. I'm so so sorry for your loss. I'm taking comfort in the fact that he climbed all of the highest Utah mountains. He fulfilled that goal of his, he was done.

    - Nina