Phillip L. Hansen

November 13, 1944 ~ November 9, 2020

Phillip L. Hansen was born on November 13, 1944 to Lawrence Lee Hansen and Edna Thomas in Washington DC and passed away on November 9, 2020.

He was a loving husband, father, grandfather,  brother, and friend.

Phillip loved life. He enjoyed a very full and joyous existence, positively impacting everyone he met. His sunny outlook never failed to uplift and inspire. He will be missed by all.

He lived life as the Savior would have wanted-helping the poor, downtrodden, and mentally ill.

He is survived by his wife Barbara, his children Katie ((Brian), Ben (Jenn), Elizabeth (Brody), Rachel (Darrin), and Amanda.

The funeral will be on November 13, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Due to Covid restrictions Funeral services will be available on the following Zoom link

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I had the privilege of knowing and working with Phillip for many years in Las Vegas. Phillip brought so much love, passion and acceptance to those he helped serve. He was truly one of a kind. I am lucky and appreciative to have known him. He will be deeply missed.

- Garrett Farnes
It is with a sad and heavy heart that we are finding out of Phillip’s passing. Barbara, although it has been too many years that we have seen you, we have very fond memories of our times together with your family. Those were the days, my friend...hearts and M&Ms...and all the laughs...Disneyland, and Easter egg hunts. We first met You and Phil when we were out of work and out of money and you brought us food. Both of you have exemplified such Christlike love. Our love and prayers go out to you and the family.

- Richard and Laurie West
I am so sorry to see of Phil's passing. What a great guy and friend. My sincere condolences to Family, friends and loved ones as I know this is a great loss to many. I was only able to view that services as sound was not available to us. I have to say the daughters or in-laws and son gave wonderful remarks to remember their dad. In viewing the meeting I can say that the Hansen tradition continues on. I have known Phil since he was 9 or 10 years old. I first met Phil on a Saturday morning as Tom Hansen (my best friend) would take Peggy, Phil and Brian down to the Utah Theatre on Saturday mornings to watch a few cartoons, a Flash Gordon serial and then a usual class B cowboy movie. It was great fun. Tom Hansen would invite me to come along. I recall the day Phil lost his eye as he was trying to get the powder our of a 22 bullet and it exploded and went through his eye and the casing lodged in his eye bone. I admired Phil for his great courage, fortitude and determination not to let that hold him back. Shortly after that he was elected study Body President of Horace Mann Jr. High. Phil would join myself and 3 others to make 5 so we could play Young Men's basketball. Phil was playing with 16 and 17 year old kids and he was only 12 or 13. He played as well as the rest of our team. That is the only way our team would be eligible. Phil was always a delight to be around and was always in a cheerful upbeat character. I know Phil had a great love and compassion for many people who had handicaps and with his talent and skills he was able to help them along on life's journey. May God bless his wife and children and others with his comforting spirit as I know your loss is great. I'm sure Mickey, Tom, Peggy, Laury and Chiyo are welcoming Phil with love and admiration. Best Wish and Love to the Hansen Family, with a loving greeting.

- Tom Brant
What a time of emotions -- glad for Phil and bittersweet for those of us who knew and loved him. It just doesn't seem that long from listening to him in a church meeting to now. I know that I would do well to try and emulate the kind of man that he was -- caring for others, not focused on the trappings of this world and loving his wife, children and the Savior. He always thought the best of other people, even if they were Republican!! I always enjoyed meeting with their family for some home teaching, even though I wasn't the most reliable, I was always welcomed in with open arms and warm hearts. I know that I will do well to remember Phil's zest for life, his generous nature and his love of people, his family and the Gospel. Blue Skies Phil......

- Jim Petersen
Barbara, I was sorry to hear about Phil. I hope you will feel his presence near you often, as your continue the journey.

- Jennifer Taylor
Dear Barbara, I’m so hearing about the passing of Phil. He was very much loved and he was always a pleasant and friendly happy person to me. Always remember his kindness it seemed to everyone he was in contact with. With Sincerity Carola Michel

- Carola Michel
I was sad today to read of Phil's passing. I have known Phil for years, we worked together in Workforce Service in 1979, and later together in Quality Control in the 90's. We spent many lunch breaks walking and visiting together. I was impressed with his spirituality and work ethic. Also being born in the same year gave us a connection. It was great to occasionally see each other in the Jordan River Temple. I really enjoyed the times I spent with Phil and thought that he was a great man and will certainly be missed. Our condolences to the family.

- John Atamanczyk
Barbara & family, I'm so sorry for your loss. I think everyone will miss Phil He was one of a kind. I will always think of how tirelessly he helped Chiyo. He was just a loving, kind man. I'm grateful to have grown up with him and the rest of the Lee/Mickey clan. We love him and all of you. Much love, Merralee & Duane

- Merralee Boyce
I was very saddened to see of Phil's passing. We worked together several years in the Mental Health Facility of the Utah State Prison. He was a fellow noon-time runner. He will be missed.

- Dennis Michael Andrus
How we remember the MANY HANSENS who lived across from us on West Temple in the 17th Ward. We loved you then and we love you still. We would love to hear from the now fewer Hansens. Our phone number is 801-292-2516. Our address is 537 East 1700 South in Bountiful, Utah. WE LOVE THE HANSENS!!!

- John andCarolyn Kunz
Dearest Barbara, Katie, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Rachel, Amanda , Please know how very sorry we are to learn of Philip’s passing. Know that our love, thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sending lots of love, Stephen and Gail

- Gail Berretto
Barbara will miss Phillip and what to let you know that you in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for our friendship thru the years. Phillip is happy and busy with his many friends and love one. Love Albert.

- Albert J Woodmansee
What more can I say than Philip, has been a life long-friend since we started Kindergarten at Lafayette Elementary School in Salt Lake when we both were just five years old. My memory is flooded with all the experiences of both good and bad things we did, but somehow survived them all to live productive lives and always stay friends forever. Phillip was a very unique individual that has always battled for the underdog, and those whom the Savior declared as weaker in the spirit that needed to be befriended and lifted up. His vision for the love of others will always be remembered by me, as an example of the pure love of Christ.

- Tom Larsen
To Chris and Randy Thurber and family ..we offer our deepest condolences at the loss of your brother. Sounds like a wonderful man who helped others and followed the Savior. We will be praying for all your family in this time of mourning and sadness. May you find comfort in Christ.

- Evelyn and Don Stallings
PHIL I hope that the memorial services for Phil, however limited the attendance, will reveal the courage and accomplishments of this one-of-a-kind man whose friendship and memory we cherish. We will all be humbled, enlightened – and entertained – by his story. Perhaps some of his friends feel, as I do, that as well as I knew him, I wish I had known him better, especially during his adult years. From time to time I would have liked to compare notes, so to speak, on our insights into life and values. Perhaps those details aren’t important, because Phil's selfless dedication to his beautiful Barbara and to their family and his work bear witness to the strength of the convictions he gained over his lifetime, and to the firmness of his grip on the iron rod of his chosen path. Thank you, Barbara, for choosing to walk that path with him. All of the Capitol Hill Gang appear on one page or another in the chapters of Phil's storied youth. Living in the city's historic center, near the landmarks of its birth, we all felt privileged, and entitled even, to explore and exercise dominion over the structures and institutions in the area. The old Deseret Gym, Memory Grove, the Capitol Building and grounds, McCune school (the mansion), the Tabernacle, the Utah theater, the Eagle Gate, the Temple Bowling Alley, Paramount Ice Cream, ZCMI, Kress's and Woolworth's, Stucki's market, and Johnson's Drug Store at North Temple and Main. We all shared a part of our young lives with Phil in those places, and just naming them brings those memories to mind. In our next reunion, let's take time to recall them and our remarkable friend, Phillip L. Hansen. None of us lived closer to the Prime Base and Meridian than Phil - just a half block from Temple Square, in a home that is today designated and preserved as an historic site. That is not because Phil was the Attorney General of the State of Utah, as his always discrete tagging within the recesses of the capitol building might have led "others" to believe; but more so, I think, because his grandfather, whose home it had been, was a prominent U.S. Senator. Nevertheless, we who are intimately acquainted with the lore and legends of capitol Hill can all agree that the grand old home on West Temple deserves recognition and acclaim as Phil's home. And the capitol building as his second home. We are blessed to have known and associated with Phil. He changed our lives in ways both subtle and direct. When all the other Capitol Hill boys were on reserve duty, and again after they had left for their missions (about a half year or more before I was called), Phil and I pal' d around a lot. You all know that Phil was an opera buff. One evening, at his suggestion, he and I and his little brother, Laurie I believe, went to see a summer production of Kismet at Rice Stadium. (Probably snuck in.) The work borrows some haunting melodies from Prince Igor (notably "Stranger in Paradise"). The scenery was magnificent, the symphony played stirringly, the sound and lighting were spectacular, the vocalists and dancers were over the top. I think there may even have been live horses. Phil was ecstatic, Laurie himself became forever after a serious fan, and we all left singing in appreciation of the stunning display of talent and energy. Thanks, Phil. Maybe some others will want to share a memory of Phil. Please include me in the email chain if you do. Barbara and family, we send you our most heartfelt condolences. We love you and we will always hold dear the memory of your husband and father, our unforgettable friend Phillip. David, for David and Bernarda

- David and Bernarda Jensen
Love goes out to the family. Thanks for the memories form one of the old friends in the 17th ward

- Dick marcantellis
Dear Hansen Family it is with a heavy heart that I say I am so sorry to hear about Phil's passing. He was a kind and generous man and so full of life. He was always there when I needed advice and always had a kind word to say. He has such an infectious personally that everyone was so drawn to him. I always look, at my time with your family as some of my happiest memories. Thank you and Phil for all the joy that you brought to my life, it will never be forgotten. If you need anything please reach out. Love, Susan

- Susan Mordue
I remember your family well and every time I go by your house I wondered how you were doing. I enjoyed Phil and missed you guys when you left the ward. I want to give you my deepest condolences and sympathy. May God and the angels in heaven comfort you and give you peace at this time. It will not be long before you see him again. Love Marilee Wilson

- Marilee Wilson
We are so sorry to hear about our good friend Phil, we so much enjoyed his visits over the years. He was one of the most kind and thoughtful soul we have ever known. Heaven is lucky to have him! Barbara our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love, Dan and Kathy Andersen

- Dan and Kathy Andersen