Polly Mae Toth

February 27, 1939 ~ October 23, 2020

Polly died October 23, 2020 following a brief illness. Polly was born in Price, Utah on February 27, 1939. She grew up in Manti, later moved to Salt Lake where she graduated from South High School. She attended the University of Utah and obtained a Teaching Degree, later a Master's Degree.

Polly was an early and avid adventurer. She traveled the world combining her love of teaching and traveling. She taught for the Department of Defense in Japan, the Philippines and Germany. She met her husband and life partner, Ron, in Germany 51 years ago.
They lived in Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas and Utah where Polly impacted the lives of countless children.

Polly and Ron continued with their love of travel in retirement as cultural ambassadors with Friendship Force, a global, cultural exchange program. They made lasting friendships hosting and being hosted throughout the world.

Polly continued with her love of children as a wish granter for The Make A Wish Foundation. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Make A Wish Foundation of Utah in Polly's name.

A Celebration of Polly's Life will be held at a later date. If you wish to be included, send your contact information along with remembrances to www.larkincares.com


Ron, this is Betsy. I tried to call your home phone and Pollys cell, but they were disconnected. l got on the computer and looked up Polly Toth and saw her Obituary. I am shocked and so sad. l just can not bellieve it. When you can could you please call me at 361 774 7877.

- Betsy Dorrell
Dear Ron, I just became aware of Polly's passing. I am very saddened. We pray you are ok. Jim and Nancy

- Jim and Nancy Beeson
Dear Ron, So sorry to hear about Polly passing away. She was a lovely woman, and you two had such a special bond. I'm sure you are missing her, greatly. I so enjoyed hearing about all your world travels, you were very fortunate to be able to see the world, with your beloved companion. I will miss doing her pedicures and manicures, she was a treasure. Take Care. Lori Howa

- Lori Howa
Sweet Polly who did a lot with me. Grand Canyon, Cherries, dinners, Dragon Diner, toffee for Christmas (never missed). etc. etc. I love you, Cuz. Lora

- Lora McAllister
Many memories of Polly and her fun personality. I am very thankful for Friendship Force that allowed us to get to know Ron and Polly, also Jeff and Pam. Doug Ingraham & Margret Boes-Inraham

Polly was so positive and gregarious. Her contributions to Friendship Force were to serve as an ambassador to New Zealand, Canada, and as a hostess to many of the members from around the world including Canada, Russia and other countries and states. We could always count on Polly to help out with a welcoming smile. Her life was a continuous adventure, and she was an inspiration to all of us.

Dear Ron, I’m so sorry to hear about Polly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I will always remember the first time I met you and Polly and your love of travel. It was a joy to know her. May she rest in peace. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

- Dan Beach
Polly was an intelligent and kind woman, who was a privilege to know. Our sincere condolences. Scott and Gayle Grim

- Gayle Chellis Grim and Scott Grim
Polly, my dear cousin, was such an inspiration to all of our family. Her exotic travels made her so exciting when she visited. We shared the love of teaching, as well as travel and how I loved to talk both with her. Her and Ron were true soulmates and their love was an example to us all. Polly was classy yet fun and adventurous . She will be missed by those of us who loved her.

- Bonny Nielson Dahlsrud
Polly was a wonderful person and the best friend ever. We had half a century of travel, close friendship and card games. I will miss her always.

- Caryle Mosier
I will miss so much our wonderful Polly. We've been friends since 1956 when we met in Type class at South High School in Salt Lake City. We had many things in common, and Polly's sense of humor and mischief meshed with my own. We had such fun, crazy times together. We loved attending and were inspired by musical concerts and enjoyed long conversations and cocktails afterward. We recently attended out 60th high school reunion. My deepest condolences to Ron and all of Polly's family. Jeff and Pam's love, care and concern for Polly and Ron are so appreciated. Polly, I love you, and you will always be present in my heart.

- Doris Schild Pearce Asper
Dear Ron, We are thinking about you a lot at this painful time and hoping you have good support where you are living. We so appreciated you and Polly and all you have done the past few years in Friendship Force. The times you have hosted events at your lovely home were more than enjoyable. We did not know about all of Polly's vast experiences teaching and traveling around Europe, but it is not surprising - she was so bubbly and pleasant and was no doubt an enthusiastic teacher. Polly and I (Nona) are almost exactly the same age and my middle name is also Mae and that was also surprising to me. Our very warm wishes to you. Your Friends, Don, Nona & Stephanie

- Don & Nona Bressler
Polly was a true original, smart, vibrant, and classy. I have so many memories of Polly, teaching me how to play poker with her flight attendant roommates in Seattle when I was 12, to playing monthly bridge games up until the covid 19 pandemic. Polly was loyal and caring to all her friends and family. Polly deeply loved Ron for more then 50 years. She was always part of my life. I will miss her deeply. If you wish to be included in a celebration of Polly's life, to be held at a later date, please leave your contact information. Jeff Grant

- Jeffrey Grant
Dear Ron, I was so very sorry and saddened to read about the loss of Polly. I had the great pleasure of teaching with Polly at Oakridge Elementary. When I transferred from teaching kindergarten to third grade, Polly graciously took me under her wing and taught me how to be a third grade teacher at Oakridge. She generously shared teaching materials with me and was always available to answer any questions that I might have. She was an incredibly bright woman with a wickedly sharp sense of humor. She also didn’t suffer fools gladly and would move on or out of a situation if she had had enough. There are three very strong memories I have of Polly. First, she brought her lunch to school every day in a paper bag, and I’m pretty sure that it was you who lovingly made lunch for her each day. After eating her lunch, she would carefully fold her paper sack while smoothing away any wrinkles that had accumulated. That same bag would show up at school the next day, packed full with a new lunch for Polly. Day after day, week after week, that paper sack was used and reused and Polly would proudly tell us how many days “old” it was. Next, I remember that Polly kept a pair of slippers at school (I think in one of her desk drawers) and at the end of a long day of teaching, she would gratefully put those slippers on and continue taking care of the business of teaching: grading papers, making copies of assignments, calling parents, or attending teacher meetings. Finally, I’ll always remember how much Polly loved to travel with you. I was always more than a little envious to hear her speak of the many beautiful and fascinating places the two of you visited. When Polly retired from teaching, I moved into her old classroom because I liked its view and layout better than mine, and quite frankly, I was going to miss teaching with Polly, so being in her old room made me feel comforted, like she would still be there with me somehow. Polly’s legacy will always live on, not only in her old classrooms, but most importantly in the hearts and minds of those of us who were fortunate enough to know, work with, and love her. Much love, Jan Roberts

- Jan Roberts
Polly was a wonderful, loyal friend! When Polly saw a way to help or give support, she was on it!! Our travels were full of adventure, card games and wine! Oh, how I will miss you!!! Emma Smith

- Emma Smith
Jeff and Pam, Please put me on the list for Polly's Celebration of Life. Again, thanks for all you did for both Ron and Polly. She left a great mark on the world. What could be greater than inspiring all those kids from Oklahoma to Utah! She will be fondly remembered by all in our family. Kym

- Kym McClelland
Dear Ron, Our condolences to you and so sorry about your loss of Polly. You and Polly were the jazz in our life. Polly was always upbeat and ready to go and do. She was excited about life and certainly opened up avenues of fun that we had never thought of. Hearing about your travels, meeting your friends and participating in bridge were especially fun for us. Our friendship has spanned 42 years which is the same length of time Frank and I have been married. I will never forget the night you came to our house with Polly's friend who was dating Frank's colleague from Denver. Thanks to you and Polly our relationship has continued over these years. All the best to you and hope to talk to you soon. Love, Carol and Frank Stenger

- Carol and Frank Stenger
Our deepest sympathy Ron, in your loss of Polly. She was such a lively and lovely person. We will always treasure the times we had with you both. God be with you and comfort you. From Bill and Christine. Western Australia

- Bill and Christine Meehan
When substituting for Polly in her third grade classes at Oakridge Elementary, I was always so impressed by how organized, structured, and in control her classes were, making for a very easy day for me. After becoming friends with Polly and Ron outside of school, I enjoyed many wonderful monthly dinners or lunches and playing the cardgame "May I?" afterwards with them. I'll miss those times together. Ron, I know you miss Polly very much but remembering all those good times you had together will help get you through these trying times. Lots of love, Norma

- Norma McCullough