Richard Petersen Coleman

September 29, 1947 ~ October 30, 2020

On a gorgeous, crisp, fall evening our devoted and loving husband, dad, papa, brother, and son, Richard Petersen Coleman passed away after suffering from a catastrophic stroke.

Rich was born in Salt Lake City on September 29, 1947 to Selma and Weldon Coleman. He was the baby of a family of 7 which included siblings: Robert, Leon, Lila, Donald, David, and Phillip.

He was a bright, active boy and spent his childhood playing in his downtown neighborhood, making good, old-fashioned mischief. His teenage years would be spent skiing in his blue jeans at Alta Ski Resort.

He attended South High where he met his High School sweetheart, love of his life, and wife of 52 years, Charlene Hardy. Proving the saying "opposites attract" this pair shared a beautiful life, love, and bond that truly lasted the test of time. Together, they had 3 children: Austin (Danielle), Tyler (Christie), and Amanda (Sean McKeown). They also had 4 grandchildren, who were the light of Rich's life: Henry, Camille, Teddy, and Preston. Rich truly shined as a loving Papa and cherished every moment he spent with his little buddies.

Rich lived his life for his wife, children, and grandchildren. As his kids grew, Rich spent countless hours at baseball and football fields as well as dance recitals, never missing a special event!

Professionally, Rich built an incredible career in the banking industry where he worked up the ranks to Senior Vice President and Credit Administrator. He was a respected boss, mentor, and colleague. Rich had an innate business acumen and a keen eye for detail. His career took him traveling across the United States, and he worked tirelessly to provide for his family, always making sure they wanted for nothing.

Rich was a true gentleman and always looked the part. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, he could be found doing yard work, shirt tucked in with a leather belt. He sported a comb in his back pocket and a lifelong mustache. He was always dapper with nary a hair out of place.

A stoic man of few words, Rich was honest to the core, devoted, and loved nothing more than being with his family. Whether it was Memorial Day trips to St. George and Mesquite, beach getaways to Mexico, traveling to see the Utes play, or his grandkids dragging him through Disneyland (oh baby!), Rich was happy as long as his family was happy.

Rich's other loves were the University of Utah football games, cool cars, and nice whiskey. All would agree, he enjoyed the finer things in life.

Beloved by his family including many nieces and nephews and a brood of Hardy in-laws who took him under their wing, whether he liked it or not, Rich's gentle giant presence will be deeply missed.

His adoring family will always keep him in their hearts with only the most wonderful of memories, knowing he can finally be at peace: walking, skiing, and sipping a cocktail on the veranda. Honey, Dad, Papa...we love you forever!

In lieu of flowers, donations to Spectrum Academy in honor of Rich’s Grandson, Henry, or to Planned Parenthood in honor of Char, would be greatly appreciated.

For all who would like to join a celebration of Rich’s life on Saturday, November 7th at 11am, please follow the zoom meeting invite:

Meeting ID: 890 5723 3586
Passcode: 497760
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Sabrina, my heart breaks for you and your family. My prayers for peace and comfort at this time of loss. I feel your tender pain and wish I could ease it in some way. Know the Father In Heaven has his loving arms around your sweet boy. Love you so much my dear. Please accept my love and condolences at this time.

- Margaret Martinez
Charlene, Austin, Tyler, Amanda and family, What a beautiful tribute to Richard.. Our hearts are saddened to hear of Richard’s passing, he was indeed a kind and caring man, and we have such fond memories of some of the get togethers with him and the in-laws. One thing I (Carolyn) remember Richard saying to me when I first met him was, wow, are all of Fran’s family so short? He will truly be missed by so many people. Please know all of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Ron, Carolyn Powell and family❤️

- Carolyn Powell
What a beautiful tribute to Rich! I love and admire your husband, dad, and papa. I especially love this photo of him traveling abroad. He looks very happy! I came to know Rich at Zions Bank and worked with him for many years. I supported him in his role as credit administrator over real estate. I also supported our common manager, Steve Houston, Chief Credit Officer. Steve and Rich were the bright spots of each day. I will never forget the day I interviewed with them in Rich’s office. A friend, another executive assistant, had recommended me to Rich and Steve and HR, but my heart was not really in the interview. I wanted to do something more adventurous and fulfilling than working at a bank. But I did not want to turn down an opportunity and appreciated my friend’s reference. (I did not even take the time to buy new nylons and so I sat there embarrassed with my bare white legs!) Then Rich and Steve offered me the job on the spot! To be perfectly honest, and I don’t often tell this part of the story, I thought and prayed about the offer all afternoon and came to the decision that I would not take the job. And very distinctly, and I would say very unusually, I received the answer to my prayer: You are wrong, you should take the offer. And I did. I now see the wisdom in doing so and have had many rich experiences, including coming to know Rich. I had many happy years at the bank in Credit Administration with Rich and Steve and Rich was a mentor and dear friend to me. I made sure to celebrate Boss’s Day each year with signs and treats, etc., to Rich’s consternation, I am sure. (One year I even made University of Utah red quilts.) I was privy to many meetings at high levels and Rich often took the time to answer my questions or explain to me afterwards what had transpired so that I might better understand. He conducted my annual reviews and was specific and detailed in his compliments of my work performance. He was not stingy in his praise and support of me and his direct reports and was always an advocate for furthering our careers. He was extremely knowledgeable about real estate and credit and he was a vociferous proponent of protecting the interests of the bank when he needed to be. I will add that it was such a joy to me to go on morning ‘break’ with Rich and Steve, Bob Anderson (deceased), and Keith Thompson (with John Stillings on occasion) most mornings at the bank. Imagine, 60-year-old seasoned bankers in suits letting me join in and listen to their banking stories and extensive expertise, and whatever else was of interest. I remember more than once when I said I was too busy to come, Rich would stand by my desk and invite me again. He did not want to exclude me. The culmination of those mornings is a choice memory and so much fun! Rich was not of many words, but when he spoke, I tried to carefully listen. He spoke of his family often, of cars and car shows, and of his tailgate parties and games at the University of Utah. He always asked me about my family, and, coincidentally, Rich and my dad were born on the same day of the same year – Rich at LDS Hospital, and my Dad at St. Marks. I lost my dad in 2003 and so Rich never met him, but he was kind enough to take an interest in my dad and my memories of him. I have felt a close affinity for Rich, and I like to think that someday I will get to introduce them to one another. One day Rich went to Steve to tell him he was ready to retire, but Steve said, “You have to wait until I do!” And Rich did. Eventually both he and Steve retired, and the bank was not the same to me. Each quarter I would plan lunch outings for us and other retired executives to meet and catch up. Often, I asked Rich how retirement was, and he enthusiastically responded that he could get up, get coffee, catch up on the news, whenever he wanted! He had worked so hard for so many years for his family and I believe his greatest joy and meaning was being with Char each day and in supporting his children and grandchildren. I did not mean to go on so long, but these are some of my memories I have of Rich. I am grateful to know Char and Amanda and their beautiful family through Rich. They have shown me great kindness. Char especially took very good care of Rich after his stroke last year. His children have rallied around him and Char and it is wonderful to see a family so loving and so close. That is what life is about. I pray for you all to feel peace and joy now and in the coming months and years. I share my sincere condolences of losing a dear husband, dad, and papa too early in life, but I have faith that you will have a sweet and tender reunion someday. Love, Jann Campbell

Tyler, Christie and family, We are so sorry. Our thoughts are with you as we understand your hearts are torn. Wishing you peace and healing as you suffer such a great loss. We loved reading more about your father since we did not get a chance to meet him. What a wonderful honey, dad, and papa! We know your cherished memories will keep you surrounded in his love and you will continue to share that with your families for years to come. Much love, Beth Taylor & Ivan, Maya & Haven Kowski

- Beth
We were saddened to hear of Rich's death. Amanda and family we had great respect for him. We know what a great man he was in all ways. Our love is with you all at this most difficult time.

- Rick and Cari LeClairwe
Charlene, Rich was a great guy! We grew up together and I learned a lot from him. We spent a lot of time camping as scouts and sleeping in his back yard as we got a little older. In comparison to today we were kind of feral children (we threw snowballs at cars on 7th East). I never could beat him athletically especially at baseball. I am glad he had you to look out for him. If you would like to, I would love to hear from you about your family. One of Leon's grandsons just moved into our neighborhood. Kind of a small world! I am very grateful for my association with Rich! Craige Olson

- Craige Olson
Charlene & Family - We are so terribly saddened by Richard’s passing. We will cherish the memories of him. As he wished, We placed our donation with Henry’s school. Love you all!

- Nathan Hardy Family