Coleen Carrigan Driskill Holt

March 31, 1948 ~ June 5, 2020


June 9, 2020
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
9681 North 6900 West, Highland, UT
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    June 10, 2020
    2:30 PM
    1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, UT
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  • Coleen Carrigan Driskill Holt passed away on June 5, 2020, after a heroic battle with cancer. She was born March 31, 1948 to Leslie Rawle Carrigan and Margaret Elizabeth McMullin.

    She grew up in Midvale, Utah with her five sisters Pat, Joan, Claudia, Susan and Leslikae. They grew up in a home filled with love, laughter and music. They played hopscotch, jacks, cowgirls and Indians, and all shared one pair of roller skates and a pogo stick. She loved to go to the Midvale ballpark and watch the young boys play ball. She graduated from Hillcrest High School, where she loved hanging out with friends, participating in the pep club, and where she met Edward Plummer Driskill. They were married on August 16, 1968 in the Salt Lake Temple. They had three children; Allyson, Spencer, and Michelle. They were later divorced.

    Life changed for Coleen when she became a single mother. Her first priority was her children. She found whatever jobs she could to be home with them as much as possible. Besides being an aide at the elementary school, she found other odd jobs including painting and wallpapering homes, making macramé necklaces and cabbage patch dolls, and even creating pictures out of cattails and thistles! She was a talented seamstress and made most of the children’s clothes and their prom dresses, as well as costumes for Promised Valley Playhouse. In her later years she found a love for quilting and made intricate quilts for her children, grandchildren, sisters, and many others.

    She was a fun mom and the back door was always open! Many neighbors and friends considered her their second mom. She spent several years being the driver for childhood capers in the yellow Pinto. She was an example of fun, hard work, faith, and determination. She later found a career in medical billing where she stayed for 18 years.

    Coleen was a kind and unselfish friend and family member, who loved to be of service to everyone around her. She was a wonderful aunt and spent lots of time with her nieces and nephews. There are many stories of times when she would invite them over to decorate Christmas trees, take them shopping, go to the park and other activities.

    After knowing each other almost all of their lives, Coleen and Richard B. Holt were married on July 15, 2006, in the Jordan River Temple. She was a loving and dedicated wife. They brought their children and grandchildren together at many gatherings in their home in Highland, UT. Coleen and Rick loved and served many friends in Highland. They also enjoyed their time spent in Hawaii and built many memories there.

    She loved to travel, especially with her family, and had the chance to visit Mexico, Australia, Italy, Alaska, and many other places. She loved making her home a fun and beautiful place, with decorations for every occasion and a pristine garden. One of her favorite pastimes was shopping and she could never pass up a good deal. To her grandkids, she is “Grams.” They will always remember playing games, her quirky sense of humor, and the way she always spoke her mind. She loved her family, and everyone knew it.

    Coleen loved her Savior and was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She always trusted in the Lord and acted on the things she felt He wanted her to do. She loved going to the temple and served in many church callings. She would want nothing more than for her children and grandchildren to gain their own testimony of their Savior and stay faithful to His teachings.

    Coleen is survived by her husband, Richard B. Holt; her sisters Joan, Claudia and Kae; her children, Allyson (Bill) Hendricks, Spencer (Andrea) Driskill, and Michelle (Travis) Allen; and her stepchildren Justin (Melissa) Holt, Joshua (Samantha) Holt, Heather (Chad) Palmer, Nathan (Dacia) Holt, Leslie (Jaelan) Petrie, and Beth (Brad) Osborne. She has 12 grandchildren and 26 step-grandchildren, with one great-grandchild on the way. She is preceded in death by her parents, her sisters Pat and Susan, and her granddaughter Rylee.

    A viewing will be held on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at the Highland Ward, 9681 North 6900 West, Highland Utah.

    Graveside services will be held at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South), Sandy, UT. Anyone wishing to attend may do so, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own seating and observe social distancing as families. A viewing will be held from 1:00 – 2:00 pm prior to the services. For additional information or to leave a condolence, please visit


    Dear Rick and Family, I am so very sorry that you lost Coleen and to cancer, again. I don't know if you remember me from Hillcrest and again I was a patient about 10 years back. We talked awhile about losing Susan and how glad you had Coleen. I hope you can hold on tight to the rod because this is like the ultimate test. Please find peace in your testimony and care for you family. Sincerely, Michelle Hintze Thompson

    - Michelle Hintze Thompson
    Our sympathies to the Holts, Driskills, and Carrigans. Coleen raised such super kids and was a friend to all the teenagers in the Midvale Fourth Ward. Our daughters Camille and Caroline appreciated her friendship during their teen years.

    - David and Georgia Nicol
    How can I even begin to write how I feel at this time. Many tears have been shed a lot this week. Coleen was like a sister to me I loved her dearly. We have many memories growing up in our good ole Midvale neighborhood. I treasure those many times I spent with her. We would ride our bikes to Vincent drug store to buy treats and as usual Coleen would want to pay for us. I never knew why she always had money but I was sure glad I was her friend. At Christmas time we would play night club and play the Christmas album of Bing Crosby, as we danced and sang along Susan and I would be the dancers and of course Coleen had to be Bing Crosby as we pantimined to the music.. Every birthday of hers I would remind her of what my mom told me. As my mom was coming out of the hospital having Phillip Betty was coming in ready to deliver Coleen. So our friendship starts at the very beginning..and I hope will continue to the eternities. There will be a. big void in my life missing her. I feel I’m the only one left of our fun girls in that neighborhood as both Karyrn and Kathy Nielsen have died and now Coleen and Susan are gone so I feeling left out as my husband is gone too. I guess our lives all have different journeys to pursue. And I know Coleen has fulfilled hers to the utmost .She was always so conscious of her weight as she seem to always be on some sort of diet. As her last season in her life she was able to achieve her weight skinny goal. I was so proud of her great achievement she was beautifully at her best as I’m sure she felt good about it. Now to mention her suffering through this difficult time of her mortal body. She would never let on how bad she really felt. She would always say, “I’m oK..” Then you’d feel like she really was. My life has truly been blessed having Coleen being my forever friend as I can be comforted to know we will renew our treasured friendship. Thanks “Kerlene” for you life . Love you forever. Just your Ole Pal. Tish

    - Tish Leatherwood Graham
    Allyson, Spencer and Michelle, I was saddened to hear of your mothers passing. Tish texted me and told me. Your mother was a great friend . When our family lived on Lennox, we’d sometimes get together. She was my first Visiting teacher. She came regularly! One of her lessons I remember very well. It was probably 1973. Her lesson was on the godhead. She told me there were three different personages I’m the godhead! That was all! It was great. I’m going to miss her even though we didn’t talk too often but when we did it was great! Lots of laughter!’

    - Rhonda Granquist
    Dear Bro. Holt and to all of Coleen and their family, my sincere condolences. I’m so sorry for your loss, truly have lost such a special person. I’m grateful for her example of strength, wisdom and love that she was to me. She was an exemplary matriarchal figure in our ward family. I loved her upbeat and fun humor. There was never a time where I didn’t walk away laughIng whenever I was with her. I’ll always be grateful for her show of support to me. We shared a commonality in that we both were woman who had divorced and experienced being a single parent. She just understood and loved in her own way without making me feel different because of my past and life’s circumstances. She supported my business (most of the time without me knowing) and would shop at my clothing store, even bringing her granddaughter’s. It was always a treat when she came in when I was there. At church there would be times I came alone. She was one to understand that and made me feel welcomed. I’m honored to have known such a dear person and sister in the Gospel. Thanks for being wonderful Coleen! I’m going to miss you. -Heidi Kim

    - Heidi Kim
    I was so sorry to hear about your mom (Grams)! She was such a fun and funny lady. I remember randomly running into her in Fashion Place Mall one day. She instantly whipped some pics of her kidlets out of her big, red, leather purse to show me! Shy she was not! She always reserved a room in a downtown hotel every year so her kids and their friends could hang out there the night of July 23rd. Then, the next morning, all of us yahoos were able to be right there on the street (in front of the hotel) with a perfect view of the big 24th of July parade! How cool of a mom is that? I know your hearts are broken. I wish I could fix things for you and have her be back. It's really, super hard at first. Hang in there, each of you! Live a good life like she would want you to! ( No pressure!) Love all y'all! Ms. Cori Bronicel

    - Cori Bronicel