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Recent Condolences

  • I’m so thankful to have known this great man. His wisdom and example have blessed many people. His parting counsel to me when I left England was: “Elder Jensen your next mission is to continue your education and find an eternal companion”. I followed his counsel and my family is the biggest blessing in my life. Thank you President Bennett for your service to our country and our Heavenly Father. Rest In Peace. I love you and your wonderful family.

    — Mike Jensen
  • As one of President Bennett’s missionaries, I am grateful for his life of service, love and dedication to his family and the church that we both loved. It was a privilege to serve conspiracy between the Trump campaign and so much of what he taught has stayed with me throughout my life. He was a truly obedient son of our Father in Heaven. It brings me a great deal of joy to know that he has returned home to his sweetheart Theda.

    — Evelyn Neidert Russell
  • My love and condolences to the Bennett family. I served as a missionary under President Bennett and will forever cherish those years in the British South Mission. President Bennett was a wonderful leader who made a life-long impact on my life. And besides, we are cousins!

    — Mark G. Child
  • Please accept our best wishes and prayers for comfort for the loss of this great man. I was another of his missionaries and am saddened at his passing. He was a great influence for good on us and we truly loved him. God bless President Bennett and his family.

    — David L Swenson
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