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Recent Condolences

  • Mr. Kilpack was my teacher through all four years of High School. He was kind to me and encouraged me to to more with my talents and set me on a road to enjoy nature and have a desire to continue painting. He is the main reason I graduated from high school as I had to continue in school in order to take his class, of which I enrolled for two hours during my senior year as I had art studio last hour, in addition to painting. He is one of the only teachers from high school whose name I remember. My deepest condolences to his family. I’m sure you all have many wonderful memories of such a genuine man, so full of love for others and life.

    — Tracy Sears McDiarmid
  • Dear Kay, it is with great sadness that I received this notification of the parting of Wayne, your most beautiful of choices in your life. I certainly offer my deepest of condolences to you and your family.
    I cannot forget how my sister Marilyn brought you into the life of two young teenagers so many years ago. You were challenged and because of your steadfast determination, made the greatest choice of your life. Yes, you were greatly blessed.
    Now, Wayne has the most beautiful opportunity to be free from all impediments pertaining to his mortal phase and continue to watch over you and his family even while he is attending to the great missionary work of his new assignment.
    It is with heartfelt joy knowing that you will continue with your life in remembrance of what the two of you created so beautifully throughout your lives together. May you have the choicest of blessings as you continue on.
    Sincerely, from your old friend.

    — Kenneth Killpack
  • So sorry to hear of Mr. Wayne Killpack’s passing. I kept several art projects completed in his class back in 1986-87 and only recently downsized to photos of them, except for the pen and ink elephant, which was kept as is. Freedom to create and improve was definitely the atmosphere in his classroom. I went on to win prizes in the Salt Lake County Fair in colored pencil art and won decorating contests at work two or three times for cartoons and caricatures based on principles practiced in his classes. I sincerely hope his art is still featured somewhere in the new Hillcrest school as it was in the teacher’s lounge. Wishing you and your family all the best.

    — Crystie Cook
  • I have a large 40×34 framed landscape painting by W I Killpack. I am on the east coast but my husbands’ family lived in Utah in the 80s. Lovely to know that such a kind hearted and generous man of God created this beautiful and intriguing painting. I am happy to send a picture. God bless.

    — Jen Ouzounian
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