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  • We send our love to the family of Yvonne Lyon. She was truly a great lady and someone to always look up to. We loved knowing her and her family and serving and being with each of them. We will miss her but never forget what a great person she was and the many ways she touched our lives.

    — Gary & Kay Batchelor
  • Dear Lucy and family,

    Please accept my condolences a the passing of your amazing mother. I liked her from the minute I met her. All you said in the obituary in the papers was so true. What a great example she was to me. As my visiting teacher she once brought me a pint jar of Pomegranate seeds—what a wonderful treat that I will never forget. Getting those seeds out of the pod was a work of love.
    I love living in this beautiful home your parents built, and think of them often. The floor plan is so functional–in every way. I am so grateful your father planted all the trees and bushes on the west, and then patiently hand watered them for a long time. They are a great sound and (hot) western sun barrier.
    I had hoped to come to the viewing tonight and the funeral tomorrow but simply am not able to make it. I pray that you are feeling the sweet assurance of the Comforter. At times such as this I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation that assurance that we will be with our loved ones again.

    — Bonnie Marshall
  • We were sad to hear of Yvonne’s passing. She was all that was written in her obituary and so much more. She made a lasting impression on us and will always be remembered. God bless her family at this difficult time of separation.

    — Gary & Vikki Marshall
  • May His spirit be with you to comfort and bring you peace.

    — Pat Nelson
  • Dear Lyon Family, So sorry to hear of the passing of your wonderful Mother. She was such a special lady – always kind and a wonderful example.
    As I look at the program for the funeral, I wish I could be there to see each of you and hear your inspiring words. I would enjoy your reflects on your Mother and your life in Overton, Nevada. What a wonderful family you are.
    Sending love and best wishes to each of you. Donna Whitney and Dennis Patten

    — Donna Whitney Patten
  • Dear David and Donna,
    Losing a loved one always leaves an empty place in our hearts. May yours be filled with sweet memories and the peace of eternity’s blessings.
    Cynthia Dayton

    — Cynthia Dayton
  • We love and admire Aunt Yvonne. She is a great lady! We have fond memories of Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Harlon both when I was a child and latter when we were older. LaRee and I visited her in Provo and she was so gracious. She treated us if we were part of her family. My brother Don and I saw her in Salt Lake a year or so ago and again Aunt Yvonne was so gracious to us. We are so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge it gives to us. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family for this temporary loss of a loved one.

    In the event you don’t know who I am, Harlon and my mother (Margaret) were twins.

    — Gordon & Laree Nuttall
  • If you are not my old roommate – please delete and I’m sorry for the intrusion. How many David “Jackson” Lyon’s can live in Overton?

    Dave : I’m sorry for the loss of your mother. You spoke of her a few times and she sounded amazing.
    I just wanted to write to say thank you. I came to BYU with a prayer that I would have roommates who would be education minded , and I got you and Karl. There was a unique balance of study and fun. You were quite directed in your debate and study efforts but still knew how to have fun- skiing, basketball and ward activities. Best wishes at a difficult time. Chris

    — Christopher Black
  • We hold all of you in our hearts and prayers at this time of the passing of your dear mother(grandmother). I always admired Aunt Yvonne for reasons you so beautifully expressed in the obituary and I am happy to learn more about her through it. I wish I could have joined you for the memorial service honoring her inspiring life. It was her strength of character and her loving presence that stood out whenever I had the blessing of being around her, which I wish had been more often. I am grateful for the ways she blessed my mother, Aileen, and our family through the years and pray that you may all continue to feel her love the blessing through the veil.

    — David and Mimi Tate
  • Yvonne Lyon was a close neighbor, living across the street in Provo from our family. She was a wonder in many ways. I enjoyed her comments in a book club in which we were members. She always had unique insights that increased my understanding. She was a cheerful and welcoming woman I loved to visit. At Christmas she made pomegranate jelly that she generously shared with me and other neighbors. She obtained the fruit from her former home in Nevada. She had always wanted to play the cello, so in her later years, she began taking cello lessons and she made some beautiful music with it. I admired her greatly for this. She had supported her family members in their music study and now it was her turn. We missed her when she moved in with Elaine but what a beautiful experience it was to be with her accomplished, loving daughter. My love to Elaine for taking such good care of her and also enjoying her company. Love also to Carla and Ruth whom I knew best in the family. I’m sure all her family will miss her vibrant personality.Yvonne and Harlan were faithful and devoted members of the Church and great examples to me. My love,

    — Carol J. Crist
  • It was a privilege to have this lovely lady for a friend. She was a great example as a mother and as a follower of Jesus Christ. She helped me in so many ways. I love her and her sweet children who will miss her so much.

    — Geri Turner
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