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Vicki Sharples

My children are the main reason why my husband and I have both made pre-arrangements.

I started serving families in 2001 after my son and his two best friends were hit by a drunk driver. I realized then, how important and fragile a life can be and how quickly your world can be shattered and someone you love taken from you. I decided that I would like to help other families through a difficult and tender time in their lives. My career as a Pre-Planning Consultant and an After Care Specialist has been such an important part of my life.  It is a great feeling to know that I have helped so many families in making these sometimes difficult, yet always important decisions to make prearrangements.  It truly is a “gift of love” for the surviving spouse, children, grandchildren, and friends.

I am a wife, mother of six children, grandmother/nana of 12 grandchildren, sister, and friend.  I am dedicated to “family life” and have always strived to create the importance of family life and bonding to my children and grandchildren. The relationships I have with my family and the families I serve are very important to me.

I am involved with and speak monthly for ‘MADD’ (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving). I love to walk, camp and vacation with my family. I appreciate the opportunity and responsibility I have been given by the Larkin family in helping other families create a meaningful and caring pre-arrangement plan.  It gives me a good feeling to know that I am creating a positive impact for families that make prearrangements by providing them “PEACE of MIND” that we all deserve.

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