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January 13 2020

The Biggest Benefits of Pre-Paying for Your Cremation Services

If you’re going to go through the trouble of pre-planning for your own cremation services, you should also consider pre-paying for them, too. It’ll benefit you and your family in many ways.

If you’ve decided that you want to be cremated one day when you die, you should consider pre-planning your cremation services in West Valley City, UT. By planning these services in advance, you can make sure that your family is well aware of your final wishes. You can also plan out your services the way you want them so your family doesn’t have to worry about trying to do it later. Additionally, you’ll have the option of pre-paying for your cremation services if you want to go that route. Here are the biggest benefits of doing it.

Prevents your family from having to pay for your cremation services later

One of the best parts about going with a West Valley City, UT cremation as opposed to a burial is that a cremation tends to cost a lot less than a burial. But even still, your family is going to have to pay at least a little bit of money to have you cremated following your death if you choose not to pre-pay for your cremation services. You can take this expense off their plate by taking care of the payments for your cremation services while you’re in the pre-planning process.

Allows your family to focus on grieving your loss at the time of your death

The stress associated with paying for burial or cremation services can obviously take a toll on families following the death of one of their loved ones. That stress can make it hard for them to focus on grieving their loved one’s loss. You can eliminate this stress from your family’s life by pre-paying for your cremation services. They’ll be able to worry more about mourning your loss and less about how they’re going to pay for your services.

Locks in the best prices for your cremation services

The cost of cremation services, like almost everything else in life, usually goes up just slightly every year. That means that your family could end up paying more for cremation services in 2030 than you would pay for them if you were to pre-pay for them now. You should take the time to speak with a funeral director about the various costs that come along with pre-planning a cremation. You might be able to lock those prices in today to keep your cremation bill as low as it can be.

Sets you up with some much-needed peace of mind

Some people think that pre-planning cremation services and pre-paying for them is going to make them feel anxious. But it usually has the opposite effect on most people. Once you’ve decided that you want to be cremated, planned out your cremation services, and paid for said services, you’ll likely experience a peace of mind that you didn’t know was possible. You’ll be so glad to get your final wishes down on paper and happy to help cover the costs associated with them.

At Larkin Mortuary, we invite all those who want to pre-plan their cremation services to visit our West Valley City, UT funeral home. We can talk to you more about the pre-planning process and let you know your options for pre-paying for your specific services. Contact us at (801) 363-5781 or come see us at 260 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to meet with a funeral director.

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