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November 4 2019

The Meanings Behind 5 of the Most Popular Funeral Flowers

There are a bunch of different types of flowers that you’ll see inside the average funeral homes. From lilies and roses to carnations and orchids, here is what they all mean.

Some of the first things that you’ll see (and smell!) when you walk into funeral homes in Salt Lake City, UT are all the flowers located inside of them. People will often flood funeral homes with flowers to show their love and support for families that are grieving the loss of loved ones. There are many different types of flowers that people send grieving families at funeral homes. Learn more about what some of the most popular types of funeral flowers mean below.


Lilies are probably the most popular types of flowers at most funeral homes, and once you know what they mean, it’s pretty easy to see why. Lilies are designed to symbolize the restoration of the innocence of a person’s soul following their passing. They also meant to symbolize things like purity, majesty, and sympathy. They’re the go-to flower for many people picking out flowers to send to a funeral home.


When you think roses, you might think Valentine’s Day as opposed to Salt Lake City, UT funeral services. But it’s not uncommon at all to see roses in funeral homes. They come in a variety of different colors with each color representing something slightly different. Red roses, for example, symbolize love, appreciation, and grace. White roses, meanwhile, symbolize innocence, reverence, and humility. There are even yellow roses that are great for those buying funeral flowers for someone who was a close friend.


Much like roses, carnations are available in different colors and each color means something a little bit different. Red carnations, for instance, are meant to show admiration, while pink carnations are supposed to stand for remembrance. White carnations can also be used to symbolize things like innocence and love. Carnations last for a long time and are very fragrant, which has helped make them some of the most popular funeral flowers.


If you want to show a grieving family how much you love and care about them, sending orchids is the way to do it. Orchids are designed to symbolize love and, as a bonus, orchid plants can be taken home by grieving families and kept for a lot longer than most other types of funeral flowers.


It’s hard for grieving families to see much hope and happiness in the near future when they’re mourning the loss of their loved one. Tulips might do the trick by serving as a symbol of a fresh start. You can also pick and choose different-colored tulips to send different messages. White tulips symbolize forgiveness, yellow tulips symbolize cheerfulness, and red tulips symbolize love. You can mix and match tulips depending on what you want to say to a grieving family.

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