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May 11 2020

What to Do If Your Family Disagrees With Your Cremation Decision

When you tell your family you want to be cremated instead of buried, they might not agree with your decision. Here’s what to do to convince them cremation services are right for you.

Have you decided that you want to be cremated rather than buried when you die one day? You should let your family know so that they’re not surprised to find out about your final wishes. Sit them down and talk to them about how you want to take advantage of cremation services in Salt Lake City, UT instead of burial services. In a perfect world, they’ll love the idea and will be supportive of it. But if they’re not, there are some things that you can do to show them how serious you are about your decision. Here is what you should do if your family disagrees with your cremation decision.

Be very specific about why you’re choosing cremation.

When you sit your family down and tell them that you want to be cremated, you should do more than just say, “I’m picking a cremation over a burial.” You should also lay out all the reasons why you want to go with a Salt Lake City, UT cremation over a burial. Maybe you’re in favor of cremation because it’s a more cost effective option. Or maybe you want to be cremated because you don’t like the idea of your body being buried for the rest of eternity. Whatever the case, you should fill your family in on exactly why you think cremation is right for you. It might make them feel better about your decision.

Emphasize all the benefits of going with a cremation over a burial.

In addition to telling your family the specific reasons why you want to be cremated, you should also put a lot of emphasis on the benefits of cremation when speaking with them. If no one in your family has ever chosen to be cremated before, your family might not be aware of all the benefits of cremation services. Talk about the cost and convenience associated with cremation. Discuss all the funeral options that you and your family will have, too, so that they know they’ll still be able to honor your life despite you choosing cremation.

Fill them in as far as where your religion stands on cremation.

Is your family steadfastly against cremation because of their religious beliefs? They might be surprised to learn that your religion isn’t actually against cremation at all. Many religions used to advise people against choosing cremation. But in this day and age, many religions have now come around to cremation and are allowing people to choose it as their preferred method of final disposition. Your family might be more accepting of cremation once they know where your religion stands on it.

Answer any questions they might have about cremation.

At the end of the day, your family might not be on board with cremation simply because they have so many unanswered questions about it. Change that in a hurry by agreeing to answer any and all questions they might have about cremation. It’ll help to put their minds at ease and open up a more honest dialogue between you and your family with regards to cremation.

Would you like to learn a little bit more about cremation yourself so that you know what to say to your family when you sit down with them? Larkin Mortuary is one of the Salt Lake City, UT funeral homes that can help shed light on cremation and all it has to offer. Contact us to get more information on our cremation services.

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