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December 16 2019

What You Should Say to Grieving Families at Funeral Homes

It’s not always easy to find the right words to say to a family when they’re mourning a loved one’s loss. Check out some of the best things to say to grieving families at funeral homes.

Attending services at funeral homes in Salt Lake City, UT can be an uncomfortable experience for a lot of people. They’re not really sure what they should say or do to try and make a grieving family feel a little bit better. The truth is that there’s pretty much nothing that you can say or do to provide a grieving family with much relief. But you should make every effort to choose your words wisely anyway. Here are some of the things you can say when you’re standing in front of a family that’s mourning the loss of a loved one.

“I’m so sorry to hear about your loss”

There are some people who make the mistake of trying to say way too much when they approach a grieving family during Salt Lake City, UT funeral services. They end up rambling on for far too long and saying the wrong things along the way. If you’re struggling to come up with the right words to say to a family, why not just keep it simple? Start off with the words, “I’m so sorry…”, and go from there. This will get your main point across without forcing you to say too much to a grieving family.

“I am keeping you and your family in my prayers”

When a family loses a loved one, they need to be surrounded by as much love and support as they can possibly get. It’s why it’s so important for them to stage funeral services for their loved one in the first place. These services are as much for them as they are for their loved one. Show your continued love and support to a grieving family by telling them about how you’re going to keep them in your prayers. Follow through on your promise, too, by actually praying for the family in the coming days, weeks, and even months.

“I remember when…”

Do you have a story that you think a grieving family would appreciate? You might not want to pull it out if there is a long line of people waiting to talk to the family behind you. But telling a story to a grieving family is a great way to show them what an impact their loved one had on other people. Whether you share a funny story about a person or a story about how they helped you out when you were in a bind once, you’ll help to keep their memory alive by sharing a story that you have about them with their family.

“I am here for you and your family if you ever need to talk”

People often say, “Please let me know if you need anything,” to grieving families. But more often than not, these families don’t take people up on their offers. They don’t feel right calling on someone and saying: “You know what? We actually could use a hand cleaning up our house right now. Can you come over in 30 minutes and do it?” If you think that you can offer a specific service to a family in their time of need, let them know about the service you would be happy to provide. Or, if nothing else, let them know that you’re available to talk at any time. They might just take you up on these kinds of specific offers.

At Larkin Mortuary, we work hard to help families process their grief when they come to us to make Salt Lake City, UT funeral arrangements for a loved one. If your family is in need of a funeral home right now, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Reach out to us at (801) 363-5781 or come sit down with a funeral director at 260 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

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