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January 27 2020

Where Different Religions Currently Stand on Cremation Services

Many religions used to be against cremation services. Some, like Judaism and Islam, still are. But there are also many religions that have come around to the idea of cremation.

Many years ago, most of the world’s major religions refused to accept cremation as a viable option. They encouraged their followers to be buried at the time of their death as opposed to being cremated. But these days, many of those same religions are now allowing their followers to use cremation if they want. It’s a big part of the reason why so many people are choosing cremation services in West Jordan, UT over burial services. Continue reading to find out what some of the different major religions have to say about cremation.


There are obviously a bunch of different branches of Christianity. Each of them has a slightly different viewpoint on West Jordan, UT cremation with some of them allowing it and others choosing not to. But with that being said, most of the branches of Christianity are firmly on board with it and don’t mind their followers picking cremation services over burial services. If you’re a Christian, you should investigate how your specific branch feels about cremation prior to picking it as your preferred option.


Up until about 50 years ago, Catholicism refused to give its followers permission to get cremated. But nowadays, Catholics are allowed to be cremated if they so choose. The Catholic Church does, however, ask for proper funeral services to be held for Catholics before they’re cremated. The Catholic Church also requests that a person’s cremated remains be buried following their cremation.


While many branches of Christianity and Catholicism have come around to cremation, Judaism is still not giving cremation its co-sign. It also seems as though that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. There are some tiny pockets of Judaism that have seemingly started to allow cremation to occur. But for the most part, those who practice Judaism still ask to be buried within about 24 hours following their death. Cremation never even enters the conversation in most instances.


Much like Judaism, Islam is also still very much against cremation. You won’t find many people who practice Islam being cremated at the time of their death. It goes against a lot of the things that Islam stands for with cremation being seen as the ultimate sign of disrespect and dishonor. There is a good chance that this stance on cremation is not going to change at any point in the near future.


Even though most of the world’s major religions now accept cremation, they’re not necessarily 100 percent excited about recommending it to people. Hinduism takes a much different approach. They not only allow followers to take part in cremations. They actually encourage cremation to take place when a person passes away. It’s been that way for years, too. Hinduism is one of the only religions that sees cremation as the only option for people.

Whether your religion allows cremation or not, Larkin Mortuary can help you plan out the proper West Jordan, UT funeral services for you or a loved one. We can also keep your religious beliefs in mind when offering our services if you would like. Give us a call at (801) 363-5781 to get started or take a trip down to 260 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to get the help you need.

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