Why A Vault?

When the time comes to pay your last respects to a loved one, making sure their final resting place is properly secured and cared for can be one of the most important tasks that needs attention. The purpose of a vault for burial or entombment is twofold: it protects the deceased from outside elements such as moisture or corrosion, and it also serves as an enduring memorial to honor and remember them. By understanding why vaults are necessary and considering different options, families can ensure they choose just the right solution for their wishes. Read on to learn more about why using a vault is so important when honoring our loved ones’ lives.

Types of vaults available for burial

The end of life is an inevitable eventuality that all of us will face someday. While no one likes contemplating their own mortality or that of their loved ones, it is important to make necessary preparations for when that time comes. One of the crucial aspects of funeral planning is deciding on the type of burial vault to use. Burial vaults are an outer encasement that are placed over the casket and seal to prevent the soil from caving in as well as to protect the casket from natural ground elements. There are various types of burial vaults available. Each type of vault comes with its unique features and benefits. As such, it is essential to carefully consider the options available to ensure that you pick the most appropriate one for your loved one or yourself.

Benefits of having a vault in terms of protecting the remains

The idea of having a vault might seem outdated, but it remains one of the most effective ways of protecting remains. A vault is designed to secure and preserve human remains in a more protected manner than just a casket or burial alone. Vaults can provide excellent protection from floods, moisture, and physical damage. Moreover, they are resistant to insects, rodents, and other organisms that might degrade remains. In addition to enhanced protection, a vault symbolizes respect for the dead and can provide peace of mind to grieving family members. Overall, having a vault is a secure and dignified way to ensure that the final resting place of your loved one is protected, and their memory is honored.


In conclusion, a vault is an important part of the burial process that serves to protect the remains from water and other elements. There are many types of vaults available for burial, ranging from basic containers to ornate sculptures. Having a vault provides peace of mind not only for surviving family members but also for preserving the integrity of the remains in the long term. With so much to consider when preparing for a funeral, there is no need to add undue stress. Contact Larkin Mortuary today to properly plan a funeral and ensure your loved one has the ceremony they deserve. Whether looking for something simple or an elaborate showpiece, our team can help you find the perfect vault so that your loved one can rest without worry.