Immediate Need

(801)-363-5781 Available 24/7

We believe that every life is unique and significant. Losing somebody close to us takes away a piece of our lives that cannot be replaced. We have come to know that during this season of loss, emotions often override clear thoughts. Remember that you are not alone. Larkin will be here for you and your family during this difficult journey.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Give Us A Call

When a death occurs anytime day or night, all you need to do is call Larkin's 24-hour phone number – (801)-363-5781. You will always speak to a Larkin employee, who will answer any questions and will gather necessary information for us to receive your loved one into our care. (Be assured that once we have received your loved one, he/she will never leave Larkin's care.) An appointment time will be set for you and any family members to meet with a Larkin funeral director (in person or virtually) to begin making funeral (final) arrangements.

During the arrangement conference, your Larkin funeral director will gently and professionally assist you through every detail in creating a funeral service that honors your loved one and celebrates a life well lived.

2. Contact Your Spiritual Advisor

You and your family will want to inform your clergy or spiritual advisor as well as family members and friends of your loved one’s passing.

3. The Funeral Director

Upon arrival for the arrangement conference, your funeral director will promptly greet you and your family. He or she will then help you personalize and create the service that is right for you.

Our professional staff is experienced to plan and coordinate funeral services for all faiths. We are also the funeral and cremation experts along the Wasatch Front.

4. Gather Information

We will need a photo and text for the obituary and funeral service program. Whether funeral services or cremation services have been selected, we need the clothing for your loved one. An appointment can be made if it is the family’s desire to participate with the dressing, which is often a very important step in the mourning process.

5. Veteran Information

If your loved one was a veteran, it will be of benefit to bring the discharge papers and/or date of service as well to the arrangement conference. It will then be our privilege to assist in the filing process for veteran’s benefits and securing an honorarium for the graveside service, if the family desires.