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Larkin strives to provide the best service and value for you. Rocky Mountain Monument and Vault Corporation, affiliated with Larkin, offers a wide variety of vaults that will provide both what you need and want. Each vault model offers a different level of strength and protection, and even some with opportunities for personalization. Steel reinforced Doric Concrete Vaults withstand the environmental pressures of interment while giving families peace of mind and an opportunity to celebrate the life of their loved one.


Price: $3995.00

Lydian Copper

Price: $3295.00

Athenian – Black

Price: $2595.00

Athenian – Pink

Price: $2595.00

Patrician – White/Gold

Price: $1995.00

Patrician – Pink

Price: $1995.00

Patrician – Black

Price: $1995.00


Price: $1795.00


Price: $1595.00

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