Abigail Rose/Abe Herzberg

1992 ~ 2020

As she stuffed the last duffle bag in her car and pulled on the straps holding her kayak to her little blue Impreza, Abby gave mom and dad a quick hug and pulled out of the driveway. She was leaving a corporate life in Washington D.C. for a job as a river guide all the way across the country in a small town in northern Idaho, to start her big adventure.

On the morning of May 5th, 2020 that adventure was cut short as the result of an accident at a construction site. Whether you knew her as Abigail or Abe, the world lost a weird, wild, authentic, and wonderful soul this week.

In March, Abby announced to the world that she was transitioning to the name Abe. To those who knew him best, this was just a matter of title change. There was not a day in the last 27 years where he wasn’t exactly who he was, his authentic self.

While far too short, Abe’s time here with us was filled with countless shenanigans, experiences and proud accomplishments. So brave, so fun-loving, so kind, and generous. But also messy, impulsive, and prone to capturing memories in a collection of weird hats, strange clothing, and assorted ‘souvenirs’ from every place he went. Although he was pulled from us far too soon, we take comfort in knowing he was filled with love, and he was at a very happy point in his life.

Abe spent time as a Congressional page in which he, armed with his first real paycheck, spent every last dime on every weird tchotchke that a Spencers Gifts has to offer filling 7 suitcases worth in just 4 short months. Abe graduated from Utah State University, with BS Degrees in both economics and in political science (he walked in both graduations and hung both diplomas in his living room).  One of his proudest moments was winning third place in the undergraduate research contest at APEE in 2014.

After College he worked for Strata Policy and interned with the Charles Koch Foundation, but his spirit was not happy until he returned to his first love of outdoor adventures on the rivers and mountains of Utah, Idaho, and Oregon.  All through college Abe worked as a whitewater river guide on the Salmon river in Idaho.  He took guests on a wild ride through the crazy rapids, balancing the desire for an adrenaline rush of big water with their safe return to firm ground. A favorite memory is the weekend when Abe piloted the whole family through the rapids of the Salmon river.  Hanging by a single foot braced in the boat, he maneuvered us through unscathed and with the pictures to prove it.  It was pure Abby/ Abe.  He went on to guide longer river trips through the wilderness areas in Hells Canyon with new friends and challenges. Ab loved the river, but the work was seasonal, so winters offered an opportunity to pursue other passions —snowboarding and skiing. His times at Solitude in Utah and Mt. Bachelor in Oregon provided new adventures and new families of friends to share them.

He loved being outdoors and working physically, so it was a short stretch to a career in construction when the seasonality of the rivers and the mountains got old.  She loved producing something and was so proud of everything he built, constantly learning and excited about his new career. This adventure was just beginning, so we cannot know what it would be or whether another interest would replace it.  We do know he was excited about it and making big plans for future projects and the years ahead in work and at home. Abe will be missed.

A celebration of his life will be held later this summer as travel and gatherings become easier. Please share a memory at larkincares.com.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to:     
American Rivers 


Abe was a friend with whom I had lots of inside jokes and hideout and chat in the bathroom kind of conversations at CKF. Abe often ran in similar circles as I, and there was never a dull moment at a house party when he was there. I hadn’t caught up with Abe since he left DC, but his newfound outdoor career was jealousy-inducing. Abe and I followed each other on Instagram + when he gave a rare update, it was always a memento of him doing something rad outdoors. Abe was living his best life as far as I could tell. Rest easy, friend.

- Kristin Ellis

Although we did not have the opportunity to get to know Abe, I will picture him riding a unicycle down Prizer Ct eternally. My deepest condolences to you Bobbi, Bill and the rest of the family. Peace and Love, Megan and Jay Lesko

- Megan Gay-Lesko

I got to know him as Abby when he first arrived for guide training on the Salmon River by Riggins. I knew there was something very special about him, and all the interests pursued during these last few years proved my assessment exactly. As an older person hoping for a better World in the future, I am incredibly sadden by the loss of this beautiful young person.

- Linda D. Hagedorn

Abe was a genuine, fun, and loving human being who I’ll miss so incredibly much. He was a light in all of our lives and put a smile on all of our faces. I’ll always remember the crazy bucket hats, the biggie smalls socks, and the goofy times we had together! You were taken from this earth way too soon, but I know you were living life to the fullest.

- Forest

I met Abe 2 summers ago on a 3 day rafting/yoga trip. We are full on trauma bonded. He was amazing and fantastic and made me feel safe and taken care of. I have so many memories that I don’t even know how to express. I’m so saddened in my heart for your loss. I’ll look for pictures and if you want me to email them please give me your email address.

- Marci

As his first cousin, my relationship with Abe was limited by geography and a 12 or 13 yr. age difference in going through different phases of our lives. Nevertheless, I am filled with a profound sense of sadness upon hearing of his passing. The world is in a worse place for losing such a beautiful soul. My condolences to Uncle Bill, Aunt Bobbi, and Glenn and his family. Always, Eric

- Eric Herzberg

Was very sorry to hear of the passing of Abby(Abe) she worked for me at the Anniversary Inn in Logan with her pink hair and spunky attitude. God bless her and her family! Fly high. Abe!!

- Trisha