Adnerys Concepcion Martinez de Ochoa

1936 ~ 2022

Adnerys Concepcion Martinez Aular was born on December 8, 1936 in San Casimiro, Aragua, Venezuela to Isidro Leon Martinez and Gloria Enedina Aular. She grew up in Venezuela and lived there well into her old age, until she moved to the United States, with her husband, Jose Maria Ochoa, to be closer to their children.

Throughout her life she was always fond of plants—from all kinds of flowers and thorny cacti to the gentle Aloe Vera—which she often used to soothe the scrapes and scratches of her children and grandchildren. She also loved animals of all kinds, and at different times of her life owned several birds, a tortoise, and a dog affectionately named “Pelusa.” She also loved to cook and spent lots of time in her kitchen, providing meals for the family.

Adnerys is preceded in death by her first husband, Antonio Jose Gomes Jardim, and is survived by her second husband Jose Maria, her seven children, and many grandchildren.

She was a woman of strong character, firm will, and great compassion. While she was never afraid to raise her voice in correction, she was also able to treat her loved ones with care and tenderness whenever they needed it. She was loved and cherished in life and will be greatly missed by all who knew her and were blessed by her love.