Delbert Earl Lambert

October 12, 1931 ~ September 16, 2020


Sept. 25, 2020
2:00 PM
1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, Utah 84092

Delbert Earl Lambert passed away September 16, 2020. He died at home, in his son’s arms, early in the morning.

Born October 12, 1931 to Clarence George Lambert and Alice Althea Hathaway, he leaves behind 1 brother, David, 2 sisters, Arlene and Mary Lou, two sons, Kevin and Ted, and 4 grandchildren.

Del passed in the manner in which I believe we all strive to emulate when that critical moment of transition arrives. He moved from this earth to the next part of our long existence with honor, dignity, courage and even the barest, but shiningly-recognizable, unbreakable core of HOPE. He always took pains to remind us that hope is the best of things – hope can waver, but if you believe, it never leaves you. Del showed that in the moment of his passing. He is an unbelievable example of all these traits, and those who had the honor of knowing him are well aware of his decency, morality, beliefs, and essential goodness, regardless of circumstance.

Del was a Titan of a man, and more, of a human being. He certainly had more than his share of trials. As a youth, he often did not know where or when his next mouthful of food was going to arrive. He grew up dirt poor. He went to work when he was very young in an egg company, met and married the owner’s daughter, Karel Mae Pinckney. Her family became an enormous sheet of bedrock beneath his life, and he appreciated the Pinckneys more than he said, but it showed in everything he was.

Del was an absolute TITAN of a man, and remains a TITAN of an immortal being. He was the first in his family to earn a college degree, let alone a PhD! Everything asked of him that he could do, he did, and more. Every time, all the time, without fail. His faith, his hope, his conviction, his belief in what was good, what was true, what mattered; he held these in mind with every action he took.

He left this world a much better place than it is now, and that leaves the rest of us bereft, knowing that he wants us and asks us to pick up the slack, and become as he was as a human being. To DO BETTER. As the author of this obituary, I’d consider myself outrageously successful if I can become 20% of the human he was.

Understand – Del had cracked the code men have been searching for and blustering towards since early days. He knew that being a true and genuine MAN derived from ALWAYS taking care of and prioritizing others’ feelings. The true MAN does just that while ALWAYS taking care of his own business. And God-given business it is: caring for yourself, your family, and your neighbors to the best of your abilities. Until the end. Del did that with honor, dignity, hope, faith, and care. The hole he leaves is incomprehensible.

A small service for family and close friends will be held on September 25th at 2:00 pm at 1950 E 10600 S, in Sandy.

In lieu of gifts, we are asking that whatever might have spent on flowers or other very thoughtful gifts (and we thank you for your thoughts) be used to help fund his burial costs. These can be mailed to his home address in care of his son Ted, or simply dropped off there (1209 E 3545 So, SLC, 84106).


Del was a Home Teacher who visited our home regularly for many years and I remember having lots of interesting conversations. When I learned that he and I had also spent our childhood and youth in the same nearby neighborhood, our conversations became even more informative and enjoyable. Recently, however, it has been distressing to observe his declining health so being able to see the nice photograph of him is a very welcome sight.

- Gary Blake