Elaine Carol Collins-Davila

1948 ~ 2021


Oct. 23, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, Utah
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    Oct. 23, 2021
    2:00 PM
    Larkin Sunset Gardens Chapel, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, Utah
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  • Elaine Carol Francione was born on March 18th, 1948, in Jamaica Hospital in the borough of Queens in New York City, the same hospital as Trump but 2 years later. Elaine was the 2nd child of her mother Myrtle and her father Dominick Francione with the firstborn being her brother James. Elaine went to Catholic elementary school, an all-girl Catholic high school, and later in life had some time in college. Elaine did have a big family; her brother James had quite a few years difference in age and had 6 children in a big house on Long Island with a beautiful built-in pool. She spent many great times with her brother and sister-in-law, Marie, and all their wonderful kids. James and Marie were very family-oriented and always had lots of family members around for pool parties, BBQ’s and fun. The Francione’s were a very tight-knit “Italian” family. There was always a lot of Great Italian food and lots of family members always hanging around James’s house. Elaine had a very good relationship with her family and loved all of James's kids. She also was very close to her cousin Phyllis who she grew up with and many other relatives in Queens and her mom’s hometown in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

    I met Elaine in a Club on Long Island in November 1973. I was looking for a date for New Year's Eve and found Elaine, little did I know at that time I would be spending the rest of my life with her. We dated and after several years got married. Elaine found us a great first home in Holbrook NY on Long Island, a government foreclosure that cost only $20,000 to purchase-- the house was gutted and needed extensive repairs, but the house was only a few years old and had great bones & a modern design. We fixed it up and had a great home. Elaine, myself, and her son Robert, who we always called Bobby, were lucky to have a good close-knit family, the three of us. We played video games, board games, went to amusement parks, watched movies, and did everything together while shockingly never fighting!

    In February of 1978, I did get a job with Delta Airlines. We were lucky and that job gave us the ability to travel the world and see and explore many wonderful countries that gave us so many terrific experiences together. We have been to Hawaii, Vegas, and California so many times we can’t count. Hong Kong, Rio, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, literally everywhere, all three of us. It was fun, exciting and provided us with many wonderful memories.

    In 1981 Delta airlines merged with Western Airlines and gave us an opportunity to move out west to Utah. Her son wanted to stay back East so we converted our home, so our son had a place to stay, and we rented out the other half. That lasted for 6 or 7 years before we finally sold the house and purchased a home in Sandy, Utah.

    Elaine and I met many wonderful friends and still traveled a great deal. Elaine got a job at Holiday Inn reservations and worked there for 10 years. I retired early from Delta and got a job at Holiday Inn, so for a few years we actually worked together which was actually really fun. Elaine loved to play her sports. She learned to ski and golf at almost 40. Elaine played tennis, racquetball, pickleball, bowling, Zumba dance exercise, hiking, camping, etc., etc... Most of the sports did take a toll on our knees and body but she was very active but paid a price later in life with joint problems. Elaine was smart, the best speller I knew, and loved poker, word games, and song games. Online she had a huge following of friends who loved to play Songpop with her. Elaine had friends and lots of them --the reason was that she was kind, friendly, funny, and just a good-hearted person so she was like a magnet attracting and creating incredible bonds some of which had lasted over 60 years!! Elaine was lucky to find Movie extra work in Utah. She came to know Gayle Jensen, a TV/Movie casting director, and developed a great friendship with this kind woman, we even went to Hawaii together. Gayle helped Elaine dive into Movie/TV extra roles --she loved doing this extra work and was very lucky to be on the “Touched by an Angel “hit TV series” --that is so wholesome that it is still on TV. She was in tons of episodes with small extra parts but if you turn on the show you usually will catch a glimpse or two of her. She did a good job as an extra and that show will play all the time so we can all look for her. Elaine never grew old, we had tickets to go see Pitbull and Iggy Azalea on Oct 2, she LOVED her music so much. Two months ago, we were in Park City for an outdoor concert “Cool and the Gang “. We usually were the oldest people at many of the concerts!! We used to make jokes about it, but Elaine always kept up with music. We saw everybody from McCartney, Madonna, Britney, Elton, The Stones, Rod Steward, Lady Ga Ga, and plenty more. One time she purchased tickets to post Malone I said I don’t know his music that well, so she went with her girlfriend while painting a tattoo on her face matching his famous one. Elaine was quite adventurous; she went to Europe with her girlfriends, Vegas more times than Wayne Newton, and almost never turned down an opportunity to enjoy life. Elaine also had a very special family --Her Son, what can I say a dream son --a son she would party with --a son that gave his mother a great cruise to Bermuda which they both enjoyed beyond reason. Elaine was very lucky to have a wonderful, successful son that she was so proud of. Elaine, myself, and her son Bobby had a special relationship that most parents dream of. Elaine was also blessed with two wonderful granddaughters, Jane & Madelyn, who when they were younger did lots of things with her. Ironically her daughter-in-law shared the same name, and she is a great person & friend of Elaine‘s. Elaine did have a Great Life, a Beautiful Family, Lots of Great Friends, a Loyal Husband of 50 Years, World Travel, Sports, Beautiful Homes, and much, much more. Towards the end, Elaine wanted a small puppy. We traveled a lot, so we never had pets but again her wish and the dream came through when she got a 10 lb. puppy named Max. Elaine loved her Max --he slept with her, played with her, and went swimming with her in our pool -providing her so much enjoyment.

    Now for some of the sorrow in her life --being into sport her joints were sore and worn out --I had to ice both of Elaine’s knees every night because they hurt so much, she had a hip replacement but before that her hip hurt her for a long time also her knees were going, she was going to get a new knee in late October. Elaine’s curse was the IBS --she battled with this disease for years ---eventually, her medications stopped working and her colon broke down. This is a nasty disease --in the end, Elaine was suffering and a long 4-hour operation on an elderly person with that disease is very risky. Elaine had pain in her knees for years, her hip was also painful, her stomach hurt, she had been having eye problems and was very afraid of possibly losing her vision. So, she was in pain in the end and begged to be let go --she used to say I can't take this anymore and GOD gave her --her request and ended her suffering --she is in a better place now but had a GREAT LIFE... I will miss her and it is hard, so hard at times. But think --she is not in pain and had the best life one could wish for…


    Dear Wilson
    I will miss Elaine so much. She was a very dear friend to me. She lived an amazing life and will be missed by so many friends. My deepest condolences to you and know that you both remain in my prayers. Angie

    - Angie Haifley

    Hey Wilson,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I remember how we enjoyed swimming laps or maybe just floating around the Alta Canyon pool and that memory made me smile. Bless you

    Theresa (Kelly) Penttila

    - Theresa Penttila

    Dear Wilson,
    What a lovely sentiment of your life with Elaine. You were both blessed to have each other. You did everything together, those are the special memories to cherish.
    I sure will miss my dear, lovely, generous and beautiful friend ❤
    Rest in eternal peace my favorite N.Y.er.
    Love ya always,
    Fran, Mom & Mike

    - Fran & Mike Parr

    So sorry. I throughly enjoyed getting to know Elaine through our card playing group. Thank you for opening up your home to allow us that opportunity. I will truly miss her. So kind and friendly. My deepest condolences.
    Clair Madsen

    - Clair L Madsen

    Hi Wilson, What a beautiful tribute to Elaine! Even though I've known you both for many years, I now know so much more about you both. Your love and commitment to each other over the years has been truly inspiring. You took such good care of Elaine! She indeed had one of the worst cases of IBD I've ever seen.
    Few people with her degree of illness are so lucky as to have someone like you help them through the miserable ups and downs of the disease. Knowing you and Elaine has been such an honor! Thanks for all you have taught me and thank you for your friendship. Andrew Heiner

    - Andrew Heiner

    Elaine was definitely a very adventurous and vibrant woman! I worked alongside her and her hubby @IHG reservations for 6 years. They were quite a pair of true New Yorkers, right down to the bone! I loved hearing the many tales of their travels, dressing up for concerts and Elaines many movie/tv experiences. They gave me a pair of shell dishes that I still have and enjoy to this day! When I use them, I can not help but smile with great memories of their laughter, wit and sharing funny stories of the many unique phone calls from IHG guests. Will, I shall never forget when you gave me the best compliment “evah” about my curly hair when I arrived to work during rainstorm, and complete with your beautiful New York accent, “Betty, you got wrock-stawr hair”!! 😂 You & Elaine were a joy to work with, a pleasure to know and I truly am saddened by the loss of your sweet lady! I pray you and family, will be comforted by the Scripture, found in Gods Word, Revelation 21:4 “And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.” May the “God of all comfort” wrap you in His loving arms. Take care, Betty McKendrick

    - Betty McKendrick

    Wilson and Family, I will forever remember Elaine as the bright light she was. I will always remember how excited we wld get waiting for The New Yorkers to come. I will remember the phone calls and text messages. RIP Elaine Memory Eternal love you dearest cousin.

    - Toni DiBernardo

    Elaine! Who could match my friend at scrabble? No one. Who could dress up in period piece clothes and pretend? Who was always kind and understanding, loyal, gentle and strong? Elaine was all this and more. Elaine didn’t bicker or put others down, she accepted others for who they were. She was patient and genuinely happy. Her family came first in her life and she always kept optimistic. Her chuckle was delightful and she liked to laugh. I remember one time in particular when Wilson was showing us his card tricks that she said, in a very understated way, Wilson I don’t think you’re playing with a full deck. I think we laughed all evening over that one. Elaine was a joy to be around and to work with. She did like her job on the set and always gave it her best. I will miss her very much. Wilson, we loved Elaine so much, thank you for being the love of her life. She deserved the best and lived a very full life because of you Wilson. Elaine we love you!

    - Cindy Cutlip

    Will and Bobby,I am so sorry for your loss. Elaine had been in pain for a long time and now she is no longer in pain. I think that is a blessing. My prayers are for you both, that you find peace and comfort at this time.

    - Linda G Bryde

    Wilson, we are so sorry for your loss. We are sending our thoughts and prayers for your healing. We so loved and being considered friends of you both. We are sorry we won't be in town for her funeral. Just know our thoughts will be with you and your family. Shelly and Joel

    - Shrlly and Joel Schneeweis

    Hey Wilson,
    So sorry to hear of Elaine's passing. You two were very devoted to each other, and it sounds like she is in a much better place now. Although we haven't seen each other in a while, I often think of the great times and trips we had together, and of course you and Elaine's fun, fun wedding on Long Island with the handwritten invitation on notebook paper. Hang in there, buddy!

    - James McDonough

    I am so sorry for your loss. It takes time, and stay focused on all those good time. That is what gets me through. You are in my prayers and thoughts. I loved Elaine and you. Take care my friend.

    - Rita Shishido

    Dear Wilson, please accept my condolences. This was such a wonderful tribute to Elaine's life and the roll you, her son, family, and friends played in it. Elaine was a beautiful person inside and out. I'll always remember her say with my wife and I during our cousin Blaise's wedding. She had so much energy! Elaine and my wife danced all night. She will be dearly missed. Eternal rest grant unto Elaine , O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.

    - Anthony E Cialella

    Wilson, thank you for this lovely sharing of your and Elaine's life together. How lucky you were to have each other. I can hear your pain in losing her but also your thankfulness for the years you had together. Everyone loved Elaine. She was a role model for all of us.

    - Gwen Maw

    Elaine had a great time playing and hosting our poker games. She’s made so many friends in our poker circle . She always talked about starting up the games as soon as COVID goes away. Everyone is pretty sad that day never came! Elaine- you are going to be missed by everyone you crossed paths with. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Billy and Bobby.

    - Jackie Willardson

    So thankful for all the wonderful experiences you and Miss Elaine had❤️❤️❤️ She is truly an amazing, awesome, beautiful woman who was blessed in so many ways 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
    She loved that I also had a Wilson 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 he is my youngest and also worked as an extra. I sad she is not here , I too am thankful she is not in pain anymore
    Here is a dozen Red roses for this amazing lady

    - Betty Payne Johnson

    Wilson I send my deepest felt condolences to you and your dear son on Elaine's passing. I absolutely felt after reading her obituary that I knew her inside and out, however I really only knew you working at IHG in the early 2010s early mornings, side by side talking exotics and all that cool shit. I hope you find joy in your life still and if you ever want to go out to a concert, movie, Vegas, etc you know where to find me on FB my friend.

    - Steve Miller

    Soo many years have passed since we have seen each other my dear cousin....u were and still are in my heart....pls accept my heartfelt condolences to all who love you

    - Eugenie Rees