Elna Elaine Brown Watts

1932 ~ 2022

Funeral Services

Monument Park Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1005 South 2000 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Aug 19, 2022 2:00 PM

Elna Elaine Brown Watts passed away at her daughter’s home in Kaysville, Utah, July 20, 2022, surrounded by the love of her family. Elna is the daughter of Frank Martin Brown and Jennie Lenore Pugmire Brown. She was born in the parlor of her home in Liberty, Bear Lake County, Idaho, October 16, 1932. Elna was born a little song bird. Like a meadowlark, her happy song has touched people throughout her life. She loved to sing and practice the piano for hours at a time and play softball. In preparation for raising eight children, she spent many happy hours playing house as a little girl. Elna attended Fielding High School in Paris, Idaho. She was in the marching band, musicals, a student body officer, and editor of the year book illustrated by her own sketches.

After high school, Elna attended BYU, where she met Ardean Walton Watts. They were married September 20, 1951, in the Logan Utah Temple. Elna dedicated her life to her busy husband, her eight children, visiting relatives, and a constant flow of friends of all ages. It was not unusual for her to offer anyone, including the repairmen, a glass of Tiger’s Milk (predecessor of today’s protein smoothies). She was nurse maid to many, a listening ear to all, and would always seek out whomever looked lonely in a crowd.

Elna lived her life simply and lovely, leaving a trail of beauty wherever she went. She was a beautiful seamstress, rug braider, flower arranger, and builder of fairy houses. Elna was tenacious and determined to accomplish whatever she set forth to do regardless of the challenge. This included learning to scuba dive in her 60’s, attacking the weeds in Ardean’s backyard wilderness, and her battle for survival after a pedestrian car accident in 2003. Against all odds, she not only recovered, but has brought delight to our lives for 20 more years. She loved watching the morning sunrise and the starry skies at night. She was active in her church and served in many capacities enriching the lives of those she served. She shared her love of music in quiet ways by encouraging young people, including her children, to sing, play music, and dance. She is remembered by her grandchildren for special dates, helping them make quilts, read stories, host tea parties, make mud pies, and indulge in ice cream. Her great-grandchildren enjoyed playing with her on the floor and making them laugh.

We are sure she has had a joyous welcome in the arms of her husband, parents, siblings, and loved ones waiting for her. Elna will be terribly missed by her children Mark (Helen) Watts, Marty (Terrie) Watts, Mitzi (Dale) Busath, Merrill (Shauna-deceased) Watts, Milton (Karen) Watts, Melanie (Mark) Robbins, Margo Robins, and Miriam (Greg) Stokes, her 54 grandchildren, and 41 great-grandchildren.

Services for Elna Watts will be held on August 19, 2022, 2:00 PM at the Monument Park Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1005 South 2000 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84108. In lieu of a visitation or viewing, a reception will be held directly following the service. Elna will be interred at the Liberty Cemetery, Liberty, Bear Lake County, Idaho the following day.

For those unable to attend, services will be streamed via Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82028545201. A free Zoom account is required and you will need to sign in to view the service.

In lieu of sending flowers may we suggest honoring Elna by giving a book to a child or a library in need. If you prefer the joy of flowers a happy alternative may be taking a simple bouquet to some one who needs cheering up.


Oh my...Elna was a living master piece of grace and love. Our many years of being "family" by choice to the Watts bunch has lifted and enlightened us for decades and we are ever grateful that Shauna connected all of us. Thank you Watts family for your friendship and love which was exemplified by your sweet Mom and her shinning countenance. She will be missed, but it's a good miss for she is free to soar as she always has. Love from ALL the Thayns

- Paul and Dottie

Growing up as a young boy in the alphabet streets with the Watts´ is such a wonderful memory. Talented, entertaining, and mostly heart-warming is what I remember of Elna and her children. Thank you for an early childhood alongside you all. Thank you Elna. Sending abundant love and rapture .

- tyrone gibson

I knew Elena in her later years , when she came to live with her daughter Mitzi. Elena was a very sweet lady, who was always happy and in her world of flowers, I loved that about her because I love flowers too, they make the world beautiful.
She will be missed
by many here on earth.

- Nanette Jones

So many fond memories of Elna and Ardean from my youth. They generously shared their home for our chamber rehearsals, Ardean providing musical coaching, and Elna always the epitome of graciousness, kindness, encouragement and being our biggest cheer leader. Prayers of peace for all the family and joy in the blessing of having such a precious mom. God bless.

- Anne Brockbank Woodard

We wanted to let you know how much we loved and appreciated your mom, Elna. She was especially kind when she brought us a gift after our last baby was stillborn.
She came to our house with a beautifully wrapped box. When we opened it there was a lovely Lladro figurine. She said she saw it on her shelf and it said,”Take me to the Ockey’s”. I still get tears in my eyes when I remember that moment. Even today I think of her unselfish caring every time I look at that beautiful figurine. She will always hold a special place in our hearts. ❤️❤️💕
Tom and Sharon Ockey

- Sharon Ockey

I send my love and condolences in the loss of such a beautiful person, your mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She was a beacon of light and joy to all who knew her. Love, the Alston and Cutler families

- Celia Alston Cutler

I was sorry to hear this. Live to you all.

- Birdwell Dorothy

Elna Watts------how to describe this tiny bundle of energy, charm, enthusiasm, motherly genius, softness----the perfect balance to her husband, esteemed musician, bombastic leader in unusual activities with his family and musical colleagues. Elna was the steady, guiding hand who supported, inspired, always the cheerleader for Dad and their remarkable, talented offspring. The Watts family always had the reputation of being the brightest, friendliest, and the kids having the most diverse interests of any kids around. Our family had the privilege of being neighbors and our offspring found ready, loyal friends their age in the Watts family....we all loved music....and music from the Watts home was usually of the symphonic variety, while ours was country-western. Elna came close to being the perfect mom. Her smile and unflappable, quiet manner, with a lilting laugh that lifted your spirits....she was rightfully so proud and grateful for her family, and her beautiful singing voice added much to our "singing mothers" choir. I know her family will miss her sweetness and example, but I am so happy that she is with Ardean and the two of them will watch over and bless each precious one of their children.

- Doris Williams

The first recollection I have of meeting Elna was when she gave a ride to her son Mark for his (?) paper route. She was uniquely happy and beautiful. Her face seemed to smile, even when she didn't smile. Little did I know that in the coming decade plus, our families would thrive abour a block apart on Stratford Avenue. Their friends were our friends, their adventures, ours. It was the best of times. And as been said, Elna was the glue to support, to inspire, to join the adventures as we walked our shared path. I will always be grateful for those memories, for those times that we shared. And I will always remember. Condolences and love to all of the Watts family.

- Glen Williams

I cannot begin to express how very dear Elna, your beautiful mother, was to me. We became best friends and neighbors when we moved next door to each other on Downington and for as long as we were able to see each other those feeling remained. She was lovely in every way and leaves such a wonderful legacy. Lynn’s and my condolences go to each of her fine family. She was so loved by so many and will be missed. Our love to each of you, Carole & Lynn

- Carole Williams