Eric Lyle Stilson

July 11, 1945 ~ October 13, 2020


Oct. 30, 2020
12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Cactus & Tropicals 12252 South Draper Gate Drive in Draper
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  • Born July 11th 1945 in Emery County, Utah. Our adored father, husband, brother, uncle and friend passed away due to health complications on October 13, 2020. He was 75 years old. You would have never known this given his youthful appearance and ongoing pursuit of achievements.

    Eric was beyond loving, caring, and nurturing. He made everyone feel as if they were a member of his family. No one was left out and everyone was made to feel welcome and wanted. He had the power to bring others together and always gave expecting nothing in return.

    Eric is a powerful person and the most driven person we have ever known. While he started from humble beginnings he was blessed with a strong family name, “Stilson”. With the support of his father (Lyle Stilson), mother (Nola Stilson) and sisters (Pam, DeAnn, Kayla). He truly became the story of success! Eric is a self made man who was never deterred by obstacles.

    On the night of high school graduation Eric did not attend, instead he packed and moved from the coal mining town and into the big city. He wanted to be independent and to prove himself. He began by joining the United States Airforce. He was stationed overseas and was involved in classified actions that to his death he could not disclose.

    Completing his service, Eric was able to seek higher education through the GI Bill at the University of Utah. Working nights and attending class during the day Eric completed a bachelor's degree in Communications. He then began his career in advertising and marketing with the Evans Group in Salt Lake City.

    The power of Eric’s devotion to success resulted in Stilson and Stilson Advertising and Marketing. Several other companies became spin-offs of this beginning company. Some succeed while others failed. This never stopped Eric, he simply took what he learned and applied it to his future ventures. Webster’s Dictionary defines Perseverance: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties. failure, or opposition. We defined it as Eric Stilson.

    Eric’s professional accomplishments were just the tip of the Iceberg. Imagine, only 10% of Eric’s being was his vast professional achievements! He was creative beyond measure. Music was a driving force and spoke of his life. He was most creative and happy when music was part of the equation. Did you know he was not just a writer, producer and director, but also a published book author? How about being an inventor and developer of new ideas and products? Eric’s inquisitive nature and free thoughts made him self taught on some of the deepest topics like Quantum Physics. Eric did, he even wrote a book on Quantum Physics, religion and was working on a book about his fascination with time. This only scratches the surface of Eric’s humanity!

    During Eric’s pursuit of success he met and married his partner in crime, Ingre Joe Stilson. This partnership resulted in the birth of his true meaning of life, his children: Nesha Woodard, Joshua Sitlson, Amber Glenn and Zachary Stilson. His children were his life, his love and reason for being. All his sacrifices were meant for the betterment of his children. This way of living never ended and deepened as he expanded his family with the later marriage to Tracy Stilson, the adoption of Nicole Stilson and the birth of Aleigh Stilson. Eric loved his step children Chris Yeo, Sarah Madsen and Eric Yeo just like they were his own. Eric’s love was endless. There was always room for more.

    Eric loved the outdoors! Much of his younger years were spent having adventures in the mountains with his dad. This love of the outdoors was passed on to his own children and turned into much more than just a camping trip with the family.

    His love of nature and the outdoors did not stop with hunting and fishing. Eric loved the sight of things growing. This could be seen in the success of a garden or the beauty of colorful flowers. If it had been up to Eric his home would have been a jungle that required a machete to navigate. He took the time to smell the flowers, appreciate a beautiful sunset or look up in the night sky at the countless stars. He knew what had value, meaning and purpose. That being people and the beauty all around him.

    Eric was very good at expressing his love. Plan on a big hug upon meeting him and an even bigger hug when you left. His hugs and display of love were more than a thought or supportive word they came from a never ending source of kindness that he had. His ability to forgive and to show gentleness was amazing!

    Eric was larger than life, beyond description and impossible to offer a writing that would do him justice. His loss is felt deeply and will continue forever. Never have we known a more complete soul. We can not be consoled or be made better by his passing. The equilibrium of this world will forever be changed by the lack of his love and healing presence.

    Eric is survived by his children, Nesha Woodard, Joshua (Cari) Stilson, Amber (Jeremy) Glenn, Nichole Sitlson, Aleigh Stilson, step children Chris Yeo, Sarah (Heber) Madsen, Eric Yeo, their mother, Tracy Stilson, grandchildren Austin Naud, Aubriella Naud, Emmaline Naud, Seth Stilson, Sydney Stilson, Carley Stilson, Jackson Stilson, Daxon Stilson, Kazdin Stilson, Eli Sitlson, Olivia Yeo, and Kenzie Yeo. And his sisters Pam (Jim) Jewkes, DeAnn (Kimball) Cox and Kayla (David) Riechman.

    In place of flowers Eric would have liked each of us to take a moment in our chaotic lives to pause and consider our connections to one another. He would’ve wanted us to see the beauty of life, that we’re more than what we possess. And that we’re all part of something bigger than we can even comprehended.

    A private family service will be held Friday October 30th at The Chateau at Larkin Sunset Gardens. A celebration of Eric’s life will be held Friday October 30th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Cactus & Tropicals 12252 South Draper Gate Drive in Draper City. As with a celebration of life, stories and memories of Eric are needed and the way we remain connected to him and to others who knew him.


    Eric always had that wonderful smile of his. Always kind, and Terry and I loved being around him and his family. Rest in piece Eric, you will be missed.

    - Raleen Nunley
    My heart and thoughts go out to you and your family. I’m so sorry.

    - Jamie