Gregory Harline Lyman

May 4, 1956 ~ September 22, 2020


Sept. 25, 2020
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Ridgedale Ward, 3400 S. 1100 E., Salt Lake City, Utah
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    Sept. 26, 2020
    12:00 PM
    A viewing will also be held prior to the services on Sept. 26 from 10:30-11:30. Ridgedale Ward, 3400 S. 1100 E., Salt Lake City, Utah
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  • On September 22, 2020, Gregory Harline Lyman (64 yrs) was unexpectedly taken from us when he suffered a pulmonary embolism—a blood clot to his lungs—a week following major surgery.
    The second son of Gary and Jo-An Lyman, Greg was born on May 4, 1956 in Salt Lake City, Utah. His Mom realized early the futility of trying to get him to row his boat to the cadence of any conventional drum and found he would pull the oars with more vigor if it were to his own beat, even if no one else heard it. He was a “Renaissance Man” with unbounded curiosity who relentlessly pursued knowledge without much interest in the credentials that sometimes only certify its acquisition. His uncommon intellect and original mind were combined with a native athletic talent and ability. During his senior year at San Juan High School, he set the state record in cross country, took state in the 2-mile track event and was the starting and all-region forward on the varsity basketball team. That same year, he also co-starred in the school’s production of Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park,” taking state for the performance. His interest in theater was an early indication of his oratory gifts, and his love for sports came to focus mainly on tennis after his wife later introduced him to the sport. He would suffer numerous humiliating defeats to this woman before finally surpassing her and eventually competing, in his fifties, at the National Championships with his Men’s Doubles team.
    His formal missionary service began in Amsterdam and continued, informally, throughout his life. Never one for small talk, he took every opportunity to deeply engage others on meaningful subjects. He would courageously and articulately make his case, but never felt any ill will towards those who remained unpersuaded. While he strived to always know God’s will and to do it, he was infinitely patient and merciful with others, giving them the benefit of the doubt. He would try to discern the profit that could be found in his trials and would wistfully accept them as part of the divine program in which he was taking part. The wisdom and humility acquired through Greg’s various trials made him all the more accessible and approachable to those to whom he freely ministered. He did this as a bishop and in the numerous other ward and stake callings he held, but also in the private ministry he undertook to help any wayfarer who crossed his path.
    He married Patsy Jo DeRoos, a fellow missionary, on October 26, 1978 in the Salt Lake Temple and raised their three children in Millcreek. Some of their favorite memories included trips with their young family to Blanding, Utah and Lake Powell and hearing him “weave tales” of his early travels to distant planets with his childhood friend, “Flub Dub” in his intergalactic tub, revealing another creative gift. Years later these stories were recycled for his beloved grandchildren who were held equally spellbound.
    Greg worked in business and finance, but after several years of retirement, he chose to undertake a new adventure as a driver for UPS. It was longer hours and more physically demanding work than any of his previous desk jobs, but his friendships with coworkers and the scores of daily interactions with customers allowed him to deal in the business he loved most: mankind. It also provided him hours of solitude to muse on the freedom he considered the basis of good religion and good government. He was a natural teacher of the gospel, and wielded positive influence wherever he went…and he never went anywhere without a surfeit of reading materials, notebooks and podcasts.
    He is survived by his dear wife Patsy, their three children: Sarah Patricia Anderson, Jacob Gregory Lyman, Elizabeth JoAnn Jones, 11 grandchildren, his five brothers and their wives, and many nieces and nephews, who considered him a beloved uncle.
    A viewing will be held at the Ridgedale Ward, 3400 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday, September 25, 6:30-8:30 pm. Funeral Services will be at the Ridgedale Ward on Saturday, September 26, at Noon, preceded by a viewing from 10:30-11:30 am. Interment TBD at the Salt Lake City Cemetery. Services can also be live-streamed on Facebook by searching “In Memory of Gregory Harline Lyman”.


    Patsy and family, I didn't know of Greg's passing until this morning, Oct 12, when I saw a short notice in the Tribune. You probably don't remember me, but Melanie I lived in the 19th Ward when you lived on Apricot and Greg was the Elders Quorum President. Although I served in the Netherlands Mission from 1974-76, I don't think I knew either of you from that time in Nederland, but maybe. I apologize for never keeping up our friendship over the years. I have fond memories of Greg's humor, gentleness, love, and maturity far beyond his youthful years. He was generous with his time and a giant in every good sense of the word. I'm full of sorrow that he left you far, far too soon in this tragic way. May the good memories and everything that you shared sustain you and bring you smiles and comfort when you need it most.

    - Ray Matthews
    Patsy and Family, Our deepest condolences. Greg is one of the most humble and giving people I have ever met. We served together as missionaries in the Netherlands and he taught me soo many things. His sincerity and faith have greatly influenced and impacted my life. He is a a friend who will never be forgotten. Sending our love. Tim and Loni Gibb

    - Tim and Loni Gibb
    Dear Patsy, My deepest sympathy to you on the sudden passing of Greg! May the Lord bless you and your family as you grieve. Greg was a wonderful person who lived the gospel. Sincerely, Gerri Coombs

    - Gerri Coombs
    Greg Lyman is a gentle giant of a man. I remember his wonderful parents and all the service they performed in our Grant stake...and Greg was in a class by himself. I could listen to him speak for hours. Every word was so well chosen, his stories endless and the kind, earnest manner in which he spoke just touched all our hearts. His service to others is legendary and he and Patsy seemed joined at the hip....they thought so much alike, paid attention to the important things of life, and were so unselfish in the demands placed upon them. I am very grateful to have known this remarkable man....I know my husband who passed away last December shared my feelings and gratitude for him and Patsy. I pray the Lord's blessings and comfort to be with all his precious family, and know their dear dad and husband will be watching over them.

    - Doris Williams
    I first met Greg on the tennis court over 20 years ago. We have been playing ever since. He played on my court just 2 days before his operation. I always enjoyed his companionship. It was impossible not to like being with him. He always seemed interested in what you were doing. The day he died he sent me a number of text messages showing a concern for a dilemma that my sister was going through. That's the kind of guy that Greg was. I will miss him and cherish the memories that I had with him. He was special!

    - Terry Meier
    For many years I have enjoyed Greg's talks at Church. Fortunately I have complimented him in person more than once. Also having observed his father in similar Church callings, I would say that Greg emulated his father in many ways. I also have told Greg that I liked to watch him play Church basketball. He was so smooth and fluid in his movement. Those are just two things, among many good ones, which I have seen in Greg. He was indeed quite a unique fellow and I am glad to have memories of him.

    - Gary Blake
    I am so sorry for your loss. A real giant of a human being. The story about Greg is perfectly succinct for me. We were friends from Inkley’s. He and I clicked immediately. We discussed all the subjects and generalities that are mentioned above. He made a very strong impression on me because of his true individuality. I spend a lot of time in San Juan County, we would discuss the hole in the rock trail and how his grandfather was one of the few people alive that could remember it’s trail as it reversed some of the most rugged country in our nation. Every time I go there I think of him. I know we’re Lyman Canyon is coming out of the shoulder of the Bears Ears. I’m a richer person because I knew Greg Lyman. God bless you all.

    - Bob Wood
    We are so sorry for your loss. Greg was a wonderful young man. So many fond memories of him during the time I served as his Scoutmaster in the Grant 8th Ward. We had many awesome times together in our Scout Troop. We know he will be missed!! Our sincere love and sympathy to you and your family!! Boyd (Bummer) and Linda Simper

    - Boyd and Linda Simper
    I’m just devastated from this news. I still can’t fathom that one of my dearest friends isn’t here to converse with on the phone or wrangle into playing tennis when I came to Salt Lake from Charleston. So, so many wonderful memories of our funny conversations have run across my mind. It used to be I’d beat him regularly in tennis until he got to the point where It seemed I could never win. As good of a man as II will ever meet - genuine to the core and a man of deep thought. Greg, I love you man. Friends forever.

    - Kim and Collette Juretich
    Greg’s religious sagacity shared in a single visit in den Helder in 1977 was integral to my missionary service and has provided a touchstone of testimony to which I have often hearkened back. Each ensuing chance encounter was filled with light and love. It has been my privilege to have had these few moments with Greg at random points over time. My deepest condolences Patsy. Thankfully we know all will be well with him, you and the family. All the best, Ben Hathaway

    - Ben Hathaway
    Patsy: I just learned of Greg’s passing. I’m so sorry. He was my brother. There is no way Elaine and I could get there from Tennessee in time for the service but we so wish we could be there. Prayers for you!

    - Kent Hurst
    Beloved Lyman Family, rarely have I been so shaken to the cure, as I was on Weds morning, as a friend of mine read Cory's facebook post about Greg. The friend I was with at a business meeting, had called on Greg as a customer, when Greg worked for SDI. My life between 13-16 had one common side kick and that was Greg, we worshipped the game of hoops, and both of us fancied ourselves runners, Greg being way more skilled than I. Later in life, when he got his bug for tennis, we would get together, and hit balls, and have great discussion. Greg served as a counselor to my dad, and later my dad served as Greg;s counselor in the old 8th ward Bishopric. Our whole family was touched by Greg, and I remember a call that he and I had when my father had cancer, concerning whether or not he should be released. We had a wonderful call, and my father stayed and had great experiences. I regret I did not stay in touch as well as I should have, but always revered him, and will never forget him. Patsy and family as well as Glen, Reid, Cory, Jed and Matt, sure love you all, and sorry my ability to travel to his services tomorrow, from Denver, will not be possible because of some family and church obligations, I could not move. But I loved Greg, and will miss him.

    - rich wonnacott